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Canon Rebel T3 Trouble

I recently took pictures at a friends wedding, but when I turned the camera back on the pictures were not showing up. The camera acknowledges that there were pictures taken because the counter skips from 1274 to 1395, but no matter what I do I cannot...

Multiple Problems with my rebel t5

Hi there! Recently I purchased my eos rebel t5 from a certified amazon seller. I am fairly new to canon, but some of the problems I have some across has only happened to me. The first being that when I plug the usb into my macbook (air), the device d...

Correct Case # for AI Servo Action Shot

i am frequently outside shooting a running dog. He's a year old so is still very active, runs alot of laps. He is also a long haired black so very difficult to get a good shot of him.  I have a new ( to me) 5D Mark III and am still learning the AF.  ...

External flash control

Hi all.I have somewhat of a puzzling question. I have a Canon 60D with a Neewer / Godox 860 Speedlite. When on the hotshoe I go into menu for flash control and set all the settings like power, mode and all on the camera. However, when the flash is ac...

lightslice by Occasional Contributor
  • 8 replies

Missing driver

Left for vacation with my new Rebel SL1 without first loading the driver and didn't bring the disc with me.  I tried finding one on line but got a message that it didn't recognize my operating system (Windows 10) and seemed to say that I didn't need ...

JSGaines by New Contributor
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Upgrade from t1i?

I have a canon rebel t1i. It's in really good condition. I started out as a hobby but have found myself transitioning to early stages of a business. I have an 18-50mm kit lense and a 50mm f/1.8 lense. The lense made a world of difference and have lov...

Jgcasper3 by New Contributor
  • 4 replies

Rebel T3 to 70D

Hello, thanks in advance for your input if you decide to read and reply.  I currently have a rebel t3, an EFS 18-55mm 4.5, and an EFS 55-250mm lense. It has been a great first DSLR, but I feel greatly held back by the setup. I have been shooting for ...

jdundas by Occasional Contributor
  • 28 replies

Shooting with obsolete gear.

Who says the 1D Mk IIn is old and obsoluete boat anchor? I coupled it to another old guy, my ef 28-135mm f3.5-5.6 IS. I put three lenses up on the auction block this week. Actually four but I pulled the old 28-135mm off.  That lens just hits a soft s...

_DS31419.jpg _DS31420.jpg _DS31423.jpg
ebiggs1 by Forum Elite
  • 3 replies

5d mk iii or 6d

Okay im upgrading to either the 5d mk iii or 6d but cant decide which one. I currently shoot pretty much strictly photos no video, Landscape and urban is what i do mostly, decent amount of night shooting so low light is important. The plan is to star...

n8dow by New Contributor
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