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50mm lense


I just got a new 50mm lense for my Canon rebel T6. My camera will not focus. If I try to take a photo, it flashes and says busy. I’ve tried auto & manual focus but it’s still blurry. Is there a way to fix this issue? Please help. 


A girl who’s desperately trying to learn her camera. 




Brand new lens, or used lens new to you?

Do you have others lenses, and if so do they work as expected? 

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It’s a used lense. But my kit lense works perfectly. This is my first lense to ever try out so I’m not sure if my camera could be on the wrong settings. 

It also will only focus if I hold the camera super close to the subject.. almost like a macro lense. 


Is this one of the Canon lenses? Which one?

If you have another lens, does focus work with that one?

Yes, the 50mm lense is my first lense to try out. With the kit lense, it works perfectly. 50mm lense.. it stays blurry. It will only focus when I get super close up to the subject. 


Again, exactly what lens is it? Is it a Canon? For example the "Nifty Fifty" is a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8.

If the kit lens works fine, a good lens should focus with the exact same settings when you swap lenses. I think you got a bad one, assuming it is a Canon lens.

Yes, it’s a canon. I have a canon rebel t6 with the 50mm 1.8 lense.. as I stated in my initial post. 


Sounds like the lens is broken. I suggest you return it. Do the contacts look OK?

I’ve read about maybe needing to calibrate it. Would this potentially fix the issue? The previous owner said she had only used it a few times.