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Canon EOS M50 wont take pictures with new lens?


Hi, I have a canon EOS M50, and i just bought a Lens ROKINON 12mm F2.0 (High Speed Wide Angle Lens). When I put it all together the lens looks surprisingly good but for some reason I cant take any photographs with it. I dont know a ton about cameras but basically im wondering if that lens can work with my camera.. Any information is appriciated.



This is a full manual lens, that is manual focus and manual aperture so there is no electronic linkage to the camera. Because of this the camera cannot sense when it is fitted.

You will need to go into the camera menu and enable shoot without lens", even then you will not be able to use the camera in full auto (green box) mode with this lens. It will work best on AV or manual modes.

Thank you so much!!!

Thanks for this awesome heads-up perspective!! I just opened my 12MM Rokinon and i was able to shoot only two short minute video clips. I tested other canon lenses then retried the Rok. now it is not taking any images or vids. do you have a troubleshooting video or have links to share for how to use and troubleshoot the Rok. lens!!