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LCD screen protector

My various Canon EOS DSLR bodies see a lot of use under various conditions, mostly sports, but last week was the first time I was really glad I always put a tempered glass protector on the rear LCD of new bodies as soon as I get them.  My daughter ha...

wq9nsc by Authority
  • 11 replies

R5 Frozen Screen

Just received my R5 on 10/5 and the 24-105 RF lens on 10/6 and went out to test everything out. First day was great, no problems, then today, the screen froze and I could not turn the camera off. I put the switch to off, but camera stayed on. After I...

lindat by Contributor
  • 1 replies

EOS RP external mic not working

I just bought a brand new Canon EOS RP.  I have an issue with the audio in any video mode. If I plug in an external mic (my lavalier Shure mic), the video is shot with no sound at all. Today I updated the firmware to version 1.5.0 (came out from fact...

T6 continual focus with webcam utility?

I think I know the answer to this question: will the t6 set to ai face focus and using the webcam utility be able to continually focus as I move around in frame?  I believe the answer is no, the t6 doesn't have continual focus ability during video sh...

Canon EOS Rebel G Question

I'm planning on getting a camera for an analog black and white photography class next semester, and I was thinking about getting a Rebel G on Ebay. Before I buy it, I was wondering if anyone has prior experience with it and would know what kind of ba...

EOS Utility For Latest MAC OS

I have a couple of t2i cameras. I'm searching for the EOS Utility to control them from my MacBook Pro using Catalina v10.15. When I search on the Canon support site, I'm not finding a download for Catalina v10.15

mjburne by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Corrupt SD Slot? Canon 5D MK3 won't turn on.

I've had a strange issue happen several times in the past two months. My Canon 5D MK3 isn't even 2 years old at this point, and I'm the only owner. Suddenly one morning before a wedding - my 5D MKIII would not turn on. After removing the batteries, i...

lblum by Contributor
  • 25 replies
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