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Flawed behavior of Canon RP sleeping mode


Hi, I found an existed behavior of canon rp sleeping mode is not handy when the viewfinder is available through automatic switch between VF and the screen. Basically, when the camera is going for a sleep the viewfinder is still trying to detect the case when it should switch between screen and VF. Check out this 30s video I've made.

If it would be possible to turn off the viewfinder in sleeping mode it could:

  • significantly increase the lifetime of the camera
  • reduce frustration of some users who cant stand turn on/off switch on the left side of the camera
  •  allow photographers to use sleeping mode while wearing it on the neck
  • use the camera singlehandedly while having something in the left hand (portable softbox for example) 
1 REPLY 1 page 7.........Continuous AF......disable.

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