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Resolved! My computer won't read my rebel t6

I did everything I've read so far and nothing seems to work. I have disabled the WiFi on my camera, I've also downloaded the EOS Utility along with the Utility 2 and Utility 3 and I'm using a USB cable. I don't understand what went wrong, help would ...

T7 constantly fires shutter

I just bought a broken Rebel T7 for cheap in the hopes of being able to repair it. Every time I turn it on, the shutter constantly fires as if it's taking pictures in continuous mode. It also fires the shutter a few times when I open the battery door...

banksjh by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Canon 5D mark i banding

I have been doing some test shots today with my favorite 5D - The faulty 5D mark i.  I bought this in June and have taken around 6000 shots. In some of the shots I have seen the notorious banding issue. Tried some indoor shots today and it was very a...

sotos97 by Contributor
  • 23 replies

Resolved! R5 CFexress & SD Recommended Cards

Canon has released a spec list for which classes of cards it recommends. But specific brands of CFexpress cards range vastly in speed. Every where from 800 - 1600 MB/s Anyone see a recommend read/write speed. The Canon 1dxmkii & iii even came with a ...

R5 & R6 request: Adding Shutter Angle

I am loving how the R5 and R6 are shaping up to be. But I understand there’s no option for Shutter Angle with either of these cameras, only Shutter speed. In a firmware update I would love to see a shutter angle option added into the cameras, especia...

t7i Autofocus issue

So I recently got a new gimbal. Plugged my t7i in and now i can longer click the screen to autofocus. When i click the square pops up tracking the object but no focusing.... In picture mode it works fine, but as soon as i switch to video same thing h...

T4i 650D keeps turning "off"

I'm delving into Live Streaming. I have a T4i, T3i, Sony A7sII. I'm connected to my video switcher via the HDMI out. My Canon (can't remember at the moment if it was the T3i or T4i), after maybe 20-30 mins, will click and then I see the screen to tel...

Resolved! Focus mode switch not recognized

In manual modes, the AF mode screen says: Set focus mode switch on lens to AF. However the switch is in AF. I am not able to make setting changes nor use the set/OK button to set exit the mode, as normal.I believe the lens is correctly auto focusing ...

Pacco by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

EOS R long exposure banding

Hi,recently bought EOS R and upgraded firmware to latest 1.7.I'm mostly shooting long exposure night photos and unfortunately saw banding on few of those. Decided to test banding issue and shot multiple 2min exposures with lens cap on. Few of those h...

atis by Contributor
  • 5 replies

5D Mark iv viewfinder meter washout

I recently purchased my first 5D Mk iv and noticed an odd problem - when I am taking pictures in bright daylight with the sun behind me (good place for it generally!), the light meter through the viewfidner washes out - I can't read it.  I have to cu...

ejd65 by Apprentice
  • 0 replies
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