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Resolved! Hot and dead pixels

Hello, I got my canon eos R just 7 months ago. I just noticed in some photos some dead pixels. Then when lookging through  the viewfinder if I don't remove the lens cover, I can see many dead pixels and also near to the corners I see many blue pixels...


Help with grainy photos

I have a Canon 80 D with a Canon 70-200 f2.8 is iii lens. I have been shooting my daughters gymnastics meet which tends to have poor lighting. I am struggling with getting the appropriate setting to get clear shots. They either have a lot of blur or ...

addy 2.jpg
EJean82 by Apprentice
  • 25 replies

5D mark IV - AEB Issue (when in manual mode)

Hi, I have an issue with my 5D mark IV when shooting in manual mode. When I bracket shots in manual mode, the camera brackets by changing aperture rather than exposure time, which is extremely odd. The camera brackets normally (by adjusting exposure ...

tangaroa by Contributor
  • 22 replies

Blurry photos - help EOS60D

I have an EOS60D body and a 55-80mm and 55-200mm lens. Every time I take photos I fix my ios, shutter speed and aperture however the pictures never come out sharp even when I have it on auto focus. The pixelated quality is more evident when you zoom ...

Roxana25 by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Rebel SL2 shutter

Hello,Looking for some help with my shutter. I've reset all my settings to try and fix the problem but no luck. When in picture taking mode, the shutter simply will not take a picture no matter what the camera is set to (auto, manual, whatever) but t...

Resolved! Banding in shots under led lights???

 I did a shoot last night with my EOS R of a dance performance. 12,800 ISO with a 70-300 Canon lens. In almost all of the vertical images and many of the horizontal images I got what I will call "banding lines" in the shot. It was LED theatrical ligh...

My new 80D takes pink pictures

My new 80D purchased at Costco as a bundle with a nice pair of Canon lenses has always taken pink pictures. I seldom get good photos from this camera. I am not an expert si only shoot pictures on auto setting. I've never touched any other setting eve...

Canon Camera Connect app issue

Hello thereI have an issue. Why we, Canon users, can't download RAWs from camera to mobile through Canon Camera Connect app? I'm forced to use 3rd party paid app to do this. I have Canon EOS R, $2000 camera and no such simple functionality, really?

kesnfs by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Resolved! EOS R No firmware selection

Maybe im crazy and missing something but when im in my setup menu on tab 6 and i scroll down through the list of options there isnt one for firmware. so... how am i supposed to update my firmware? any help is greatly appreciated.

Canon 1DX Ethernet

Hello there, I have an MIFI (mobile internet with ethernet output connection). Model: Huawei WiFi Pro2 E5885LS-93A. When I connect my 1DX to a regular internet modem with ethernet cable, it works instantanelly. But using my ethernet MIFI modem, alway...

M50 External Mic issue (static noise)

For some reason, I tried using both Shotgun mic and a wireless mic and both have this static noise background. You know that uncomfortable noise it makes because maybe mic is not plugin right. I tried to put sound in auto to manual and failed. Turn o...

90d USB Cord

I am drawing a blank, what kind and where can i purchase a USB cord for my  EOS 90d so I can transfer images right from camera to MacBook and also to check shutter count. Also does any one know whta kind of USB cable a 1dx Mark ll uses. I am looking ...

chief by Rising Star
  • 15 replies

Resolved! Focus Stackkng

Does DPP4 have a focus stacking feature when combined with a Canon Rebel T6s DSLR camera?  Can't find anything about focus stacking in any of the DPP4, camera, or EOS Utilities manuals.

Mike8 by Enthusiast
  • 5 replies
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