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3rd party better damaged my 70D

Hello there. The other day went for a shoot and wanted to use my 70D as a B camera to my c100Mk2. My 70D was functining perfectly and it had been used not that much anyway. As it was a long shoot I borrowed last minute a battery from a friend a Hahne...

balf by Contributor
  • 10 replies

EOS Rebel XT Froze Up During SW Update

Title pretty much says it all. I bought this camera when it first came out and after about six months, while hooked to my computer, a window popped up saying that a SW Update was necessary. I clicked on it, let it run and after a few minutes, the who...

Cyberfly by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Lens Replacement

My Canon EF-S 18-55mm kit lens has some autofocus issues and it's out of warranty. Can I replace it with a new one adding the necessary amount of money to it?

T7i AI Servo will not work in Manual Mode

I very commonly shoot AI servo while in manual mode for action shots involving dogs. I haven’t ever had a problem... today I set out to take dog photos and my camera will not go into AI servo while in Manual. It will operate correctly while in the sp...

Resolved! 80D - Mirror Lockup in Camera Connect

OK, I RTFM but I couldn't find the answer on this one.  I assume that when using Camera Connect mirror lockup is irrelevenat because the mirror is already up in Live View? I'm doing some long exposures with a 400mm lens and the mirror shock plus pres...

Canon 800D Focusing problems

Hey guys!I've had my 800D about 5 months now and it's always worked perfectly. Was shooting outside in the cold last week and when i went inside the screen onviosuly fogged up. Let the temp equilibrate for a bit, but here a week later and the camera ...

Problem with continuous shutter

Hello. I have a canon 5d mark IV . I’m using different lense for photography. I mostly used tamron 150-600 telephoto lens. I’m facing problems with continuous shutter though my camera is set to ai servo, also set to multiple shot . And after each nor...

Messed up photos

I recently got a Canon EOS Rebel T6 and for a while the photos would transfer easily to my MacBook Pro, but latley it takes longer for them to transfer and when they do, it is messed up. You cannot see the photo at all. I wiish i could include an exa...

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