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Canon EOS 77D error 11 when connecting to iPhone 13 mini


Hi All

i’ve recently downloaded the latest version of canon connect (version build 1331) and also recently purchased an iPhone 13 mini. When I try and connect my camera to phone I get error 11 connection target not found. My phone recognises the camera in wifi settings and I can connect to it on my phone but once I launch the canon connect app I get this error on my camera. Please help! Thanks


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings DonnaMosley,

Please check to see if your phone has a VPN service or app running. Many iPhones running with iOS would have a VPN option listed in its Settings menu. If the service is enabled, then please disable it prior to connecting the phone to the camera's wireless access point.

Thanks for your suggestion Natalya. There is no VPN running.


I would like to suggest you once Press the wifi button on the camera, select Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Connection, and select Remote Control (EOS Utility). 2) Select Add a Device to Connect to and now the camera should be showing an SSID and Password. Leave that screen on the camera. Make this settings once and check may be this will work for you.  My Health Online