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Resolved! Rebel SL3 Outboard Mic Issues

I teach a high school Media Tech class. I have ten SL3's. I'm having some issues with plugging in hard-wired lavalier mics. I'm using Sony ECM-44B lav mics with XLR to TRS 3.5mm adapters. The mics work fine in our camcorders with XLR inputs. As far a...

davemac by Apprentice
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EXIF with photos?

I have noticed that some photos in Share Your Photos has the EXIF at the bottom. I think I did that...once. Refresh my memory which is overshadowed by senior moments. TIA.

Best indoor basketball camera

I want to photograph my daughter playing high school basketball and soccer.  With that being said though I want it to take amazing pictures for every day things.  So what’s the best all around camera that will give me the great action shots? Trying t...

Got a surprise at McKay's Books

The wife and I stopped to browse through this used books store. We got some books and as we were going to the checkout line,  I noticed of the cashiers counting a bit of cash and change. There were three small cylindrical objects on the counter but c...

Eye Controlled Focus

The last two Canon film cameras I owned, an Elan ii and EOS 3, had eye controlled focus. There were a limited number of focus points in the viewfinder but each camera reliably focused at the point nearest to where I was looking. It was a wonderful fe...

pladelfe by Apprentice
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used camera recommendation for africa safari

Hello,  I'd like a recommendation for a used camera that is simple for relative beginner to take photos on an african safari.  I'll purchase a zoom lens but main keys I'm looking for are:best clarity when enlarging the photosclear focus on moving ani...

dmercer by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Canon EOS 6D - HSS issues

I have a Canon EOS 6D Mark II. I bought a Godox TT600 Speedlite flash along with the trigger Godox x2t.when I do off-camera flash , it won’t allow me to go higher then 1/200th of a sync speed. How can I get it to do HSS

Upgrade from EOS 80D to Mirrorless

I'm an amateur/hobbyist photographer and I'm interested in upgrading from my EOS 80D to a Canon mirrorless.I use the camera mostly for landscape photography and travel, with some occasional portraits.I don't shoot action sports very often, but I am i...

Eos R7 Will not display on external monitor

I have 2 R7's that have the latest firmware updates and both will not display an image on my atomos shinobi monitor or atomos ninja v. The only thing that happens on the shin obi is that it will just turn both screens black and all buttons on both mo...

domwlkns by Apprentice
  • 4 replies
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