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MX920 won't print from new laptop

Hi, I have a new laptop that I am trying to print from.  When I send a document to the printer, the printer status states that "another computer is using the printer." The queue indicates that the document is printing but it is not.Please help. 

My printer prints a bit shrunken...?

I have a Pixma MG5721 and I am trying to print A5 Size inserts but the image/template or whatever that it prints is too small. even when I select fit to page. it's like the margins wont move I am on a mac with the latest software update.  

ml88 by Apprentice
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Disc printing problems on Canon IP7250

I have previously printed images on to DVD disc without any  problems but recently I have found that the images are coming out offset by about 6mm leaving a white area at the bottom of the disc. I have followed the instructions and as far as I  can t...

pymsroad by Apprentice
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MG4120 stopped printing

I see this has been discussed before but I didn't see an answer that would help me.  My MG4120 stopped working from my laptop after 4 months of use, I am on Win.10. I tried printing from my old laptop and it worked fine.  I'm mostly getting a Printer...

Dale1 by Apprentice
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I have a MG3200 Code is 9,230,0

I have El Capitan installed on my iMac. When I try to scan it gives me a code: 9,230,0. I've gone to the driver and software support website and it tells me that there is no driver needed or it is already installed. Help? thanks

printer offline error

Pixma MG 6220 with Windows 10.  Starts to print, shows printer offline error, spits out paper.  Recycles, prints part of page, then error.  Sometimes 3x in a print cycle.  DN do it ever time.

Canon Pixma IP4200 print stripes

Hello all, I have a Canon Pixma IP4200 which I happily use since a few years.Now happened that I left it unused for a few months, then when I reused it I found that it print with "strypes".I send you two images below to see the problem.Seems like the...

scan017.jpg scan017.jpg
mario1 by Apprentice
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New Pixma MG5650 printer in Error State.

Hi, I bought a brand new Canon Pixma MG5650 printer today. Connected the printer to the computer, installed the software from the CD. It doesn't print. Managed to copy and scan with it but it doesn't recognise the PC print command. My printer is in t...

Scanner suddenly slow in PIXMA MX420

Hi, After scanning about 10 pages the scanner suddenly becomes slow and stays that way until I unlug and restart the printer. I'm using the Canon MP Navigator EX 4.1 tool  and scanning documents using the ADF at 300ppi in B/W duplex. I am able to rep...

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