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TS9020 leaving abrasive marks on printed discs.

I just received my TS9020 and I'm getting some abrasive scratch marks on the printed side of printable discs.  This is what I bought it for and I don't need fresh scratches on the discs.  Is the printer defective or is there something I can do?

AekaGSR by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

My printer pixma t920

Hi i want to print but it say load paper and when i put paper and check then it say error load paper correctly but it doesnt print ... Sometimes i think is the ink but i still have ink can u please help me i need to do my project

Slow printing

My Pixma 922 all of a sudden prints extremely slowly.  When I try to print, a message pops up on my computer screen saying Error Printing:  the canon printer cannot print........  However, it prints, but very slowly.  This started happening after I r...

bonnieh by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Resolved! post not showing

I posted a question about a TS9120 yesterday, and now my post appears to be gone. (As in search function doesn't find it, either.) This doesn't make me very optimistic about this community as a source of information. Anyone know why this might have h...

Scanning with MG6620 in Windows 10

I have tried to follow several of the posted instructions and none work.  First of all there is no All Programs that I can find in Windows 10.  I have tried to navigate my PC to find a list of programs to no avail.  and I cannot find and Cannon Utili...

kdlear by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

printer using color in for black and white

I have the MG3600. I have never printed a single color image since I've had this printer, but the ink is completely gone. I suspect that the printer is using color ink in the black and white pages that I print. How do I stop that from happening? I am...

Yikes! So many errors

HI,  I have a cannon i7250. I am experiencing a lot of problems with it delivering the print once sent through.  This works fine and the machine recives it ok but when it comes to printing it, there are constant paper jams  problems picking up and re...

ECAM by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

How to print envelope from Windows 10 on MP970

I have followed the instructions in the printing set up panes, including using the landscape selection.  Then when I select print the address is not printed, but the left half of the letter I wrote is printed on the # 10 envelope.  The letter was wri...

carboy by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

800 lbs. of gorilla in the room.

I'm no computer tech. I've been wrong about  a lot of things in my life.. I've looked into all the forum pages here, on the web, in the manual and I seem to see the problem everywhere. Many of the models in the last few years have had their scannng f...

canon mx920

I have my printer currently set up and it prints from the bottom tray of the printer just above where the paper tray is. Is there anyway to switch the settings so that the printed pages come out of the top of the printer instead of the front of it?

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