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 My MG2500 has worked fine until a couple of days ago. The printer works fine except for the scan/copy feature. My copies have come out with a blank gap in the middle. I've cleaned the glass and loaded the originials correctly...also cleaned print he...

Wayne5 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

tr8520 scan problem

when i scan a multi page document through the feeder it appears to scan each page but only the first page is showing up in the saved document. Ideas?

Pixma iP110 line spaceing in text mode

Hello. I have a iP110 printer. It's working fine. I'm using it as a text only printer with a unix system. The only issue is that in text mode it prints at 6 lines per inch. I'd like to print at 8 lines per inch. I tried PCL and Epson escape sequences...

GF3200 Printer

I put a generic ink in my printer. It will not print right. The color is faded just as little in places. How can I remove the ink and put the Canon ink in? Thank you.

Print only in black pima mx922 mac os high sierra

Hello,I've searched high and low and simply cannot get any straight answers.I have a Pixma MX922 and a Mac running OS High Sierra.How can i print only in black ,using only pgbk, and not any of my other ink colors. Tried a number of things and it look...

lmoor321 by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Pixma IP110 printing blank pages

I have had the Pixma IP110 for over 4 years with minor issues. The other day, after printing 6 pages of text normally, the printer started printing blank pages. It acts like it is printing but nothing appears on the page. This happens no matter the f...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 3 replies

PIXMA MX922 will not scan

I have had aa PIXMA 922 for several years and never had a problem.  Now I cannot scan. I get error that it cannot communicate with the scanner.  Code 5, 157,69 Does anyone have a solution?  Thanks!

Pixma MP560 Printing Bands

For some time, my MP560 has been printing in bands (stripes). I'm not a heavy duty user so it hasn't been a big issue but my wife now wants it fixed.  I have deep cleaned the jets multiple times and aligned heads. The first "C" stripe on the alignmen...

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