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Canon Pixma MG2922 Green Power Light Flashing

I go to print anything and this is what is going on. The power light is constantly flashing while powered on, saying it's busy processing something.  I then turn it off and then on again, it will print what I wanted, and then the green power light wi...

blurry black printing

hi,ive had my canon pixma mg6450 for a couple of years now and everything has been fine until recently. when i printed a letter ,the print came out like it was ghosting,trying to read it was like looking at text when you drunk.if you change the colou...

soozypoo by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

MX922 vertical banding

Hello, I'm trying to resolve a vertical banding issue. I've tried cleanings and deep clenings all mnultiple times as well as the basic stuff but the issue remains.  By basic stuff I mean the paper size is correct, ink is full, etc. I've done auto and...

dahllr by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

TS9020 Printing labels

Please help! I need to print some labels. Can I use Avery? If so, what size labels work? If not, what other software works? I can't find a "label" setting,  nor a  cardstock setting. I am uploading my own design.

mbnelsen by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Canon Pixma MG2550S page issue

Hi.Today I had the unfortunate accident that my Pixma 650 got and error 5010 message and I have not been able to solve that issue and I needed to print something urgently.Now I bought a Canon Pixma MG2550S and have set it up as instructed.However I h...

PIXMA mg3620

I have been trying connect this printer to my WiFi network and have not been able to. I downloaded the canon app to my phone and it works through there but if I want to print something with out using that app I can’t. The printer will not connect to ...

AP32 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

how to update firmware

hello.  Where can I go to update the current firmware on my Canon MG6820?  My printer is not recognizing paper and therefore I cannot print on a letter size piece of paper.TIA

Resolved! TR7520 printer scanner bogus 2801 error

I have a cannon pixma TR7520 printer scanner. The printer gives a false error code 2801 indicating that The Auto Document Feeder  is jammed and stops scanning . I have disconnected power and tried recommended trouble shootingsteps with no luck. Any i...

steve7 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Manually load paper in the MX922?????

My MX922 quit loading paper from the bottom tray. I'm waiting on Canon to send the warranty return info for repair. In the mean time, I have printing I NEED to do. Is there a manual way to load a page of paper for printing?    I got an error 1008, "T...

IP7250 not using photo black ink?

Hi,I´m figuring out the best print settings for me. When using the setting professional paper platin, I get the option in the quality section for using the finest one, "1", this is the only paper where I get the option to choose it, with any other pa...

petrena by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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