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PIXMA TS6220 scanner communication error

We've been using the TS6220 for about three years.  We've always used it over Wi-Fi, with the printer located about 3 feet MOL from the router on the same desk. Previously we were using AT&T U-Verse (DSL) internet and had very few issues with connect...

scanner error message.png
sarika by Apprentice
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MG6200 will not print black ink

This printer uses a separate cartridge for each color, including 2 black cartridges.  I've replaced both several times and it doesn't help.  I've tried my own test prints with black text and a colored background (background prints fine, the text is j...

Printing Labels on TS6050

I have printed labels for a couple of years at Christmas on this printer with no problems.Howver this year, when I print a "proof" and align it with a label up to the light the proof aligns perfectly with all the addresses in each box with margins to...

MX-892 scanner not working with win10

I have a MX-892 and new laptop with win10. I can't get it to scan from laptop and also printer doesn't see laptop on network when trying to scan from it.Previously, I used solutionex menu to initiate the scan from my laptop. I have installed this but...

canopach by Apprentice
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MX925 cleaning too much

My MX925 printer is now cleaning every time it is turned on and after every time it prints, i.e. I can print sometihing every five minutes or so and it cleans after every one. I am sure it did not do this much, maybe every ten prints, it is wasting s...

MikeR1 by Apprentice
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Pixma IP8750 cannot load MP 101 matte paper

I tried using a Canon mp 101 matte paper to print. First, the positioning mechanism in not able to load a single sheet and throws a no paper in tray error. I adjusted it manually for the printer to load. After that, the printer starts printing but th...

Rupert by Apprentice
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Canon G1000 Megatank

Jeffzilla Jeffzilla New Contributor9:43 AMHaving an issue with the G1000 printer. Solid black areas are printing in gray and black stripes. Other colors are doing it but not nearly as bad. I ran all of the system cleaning procedures. Nozzle check pri...

PIXMA G6020 not printing well

Hello, I am having trouble getting a good print quality from my PIXMA G6020 printer. It comes out faded and fuzzy. I have tried running the cleaning cycles, the deep cleaning cycles, doing a nozzle check, and a head alignment. Nothing that I do seems...

jlmaitri by Apprentice
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Resolved! ts8100 series (model ts8120) how to set up WiFi

Windows 10. I previously had the printer set up for WiFi. To troubleshoot an issue with another printer, an HP not Canon, they asked me to remove the 8100. Now I've finished that troubleshooting and cannot get the 8100 to use WiFi. I have it connecte...

MX870 misalignment -- black only

My MX870 has suddenly developed a strange misalignment problem. Printing is shifting left and right every 13.57mm. That is to say, a vertical line will print 13.57mm down, then shift 0.5mm left for the next 13.57mm then back to the original position ...

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torch by Apprentice
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