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how to print in greyscale on chromebook

Hi allI've got Canon MG5650 and using Chromebook ASUS C302 (so both with the latest system versions), need to print one pdf but it's not worth printing it in color, how do I print a pdf in greyscale?! I cannot find this option. Thanks 

gerranek by Apprentice
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PIXMA TS6220 not printing to scale

My printer is printing my test images about a half inch too smal (for example, a 5x5 inch square is more 4.5 inches). I'm using adobe reader touch to print my PDFs. I've tried adjusting the paper settings but there's no option to print at a percentag...

MG23 by Apprentice
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Canon MP560 printer won't print black colors

Hi, I have Canon MP560 printer with Ink cartridges.Printer always worked fine but now, I suddenly observed that only colors are printed.All the black part is 'blank' and isn't printed. Ink cartridges all full. In fact, I had recently replaced them an...

PIXMA MG6120 B200 error msg

I have a PIXMA MG 6120 that has come up with a B200 error message.  I have unplugged for 2+ hours and have cleaned the print head thouroughly with no success.  What else can I try?

RobertH by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Pixma TS202 install ink cartridges

Brand new TS202 - trying to load ink cartridges for the first time but the cartridge holder does not move into position. The alarm light blinks 4 times which the instructions says is ok. I have not connected the USB wire which is also according to th...

BSchmitz by Apprentice
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MX922 BGBK won't print

Hi I have an MX922 and I'm having issues printing plain black text. for example when I print a PDF right now it comes out plain even though I have print as an image checked. Upon doing a nozzle check no pattern is being printed by my BGBK. All other ...

Resolved! Pixma TS9020 Scanner reported an error

Error message: A required file is missing or corrupted, or settings are incorrect. Try the installation again. Hi, I am running Mac OS Catalina 10.15.4 (19E287)I just upgraded the OS and I got this error again when I tried to scan with my Pixma TS902...

Updated for Catalina and now not printing

I updated my Canon Pixma MG6320 in anticipation of ios Catalina and now I get this error message every time I try to print: Stopped -  'filter' failed. I've tried turningk my printer off, then back on and nothing changes. Any thoughts?  

Black Ink on TS9120 Not Printing

I just bought a TS9120, and right off the bat the black ink is not printing when I try to print something. The black does print when I do "Print Nozzle Check Pattern", but there is no black when I try to print another type of document (Word doc or In...

Pixma ip6700D

Hello, new here so hope I am doing this right. My somewhat old ip6700D still works great except color that should be brown comes out green. Not a greenish tint but, for instance, a brown dog comes out vivid green. The other colors are okay. I have re...

judylala by Apprentice
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Resolved! MX922 duplex printing blank on back of page 1

When printing using duplex printing, the printer prints page 1, leaves the back blank, then prints page 2 through to the last in duplex, like it should. Seems kind of strange, if there is an odd number of pages, the blank should be on the back of the...

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