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I will be donating my PIXMA MX882 and before I do that I want to make sure there are no stored scans etc in the printer. Is there any hard drive in this printer or any other kind of persistent memory ?  Thanks

Pixma MG5420

I am getting the error "cover open" on my Pixma.  It will print after a long delay, but will not scan.  I've closed and re-closed all the covers, unplugged it to reset it, and installed updated drivers without success. Any advice? 

TS 8320 printer won't print cd's anymore???

My TS 8320 printer won't print cd's anymore. I've unplugged the printer thinking it would reset with no luck. I've downloaded the drivers with no luck. I've tried several times to print a NEW blank CD-R WHITE INKJET cd.  I load it in the multi-purpos...

Fake Paper Jam

Hello I am looking for help as I have a small Canon TS3160 printer which has always worked great and now all of a sudden it says there is a paper jam. I have looked inside the printer very carefully and cannot see any paper anywhere at all.  Any advi...

kirrah by Apprentice
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Cannon MX922 Printer Question

I have had a Cannon MX922 printer for years. I print back to back copies, i.e. 2 pages on the same sheet of paer, etc.. It used to print head to head, but now it does head to foot. I have now idea how it got changed. How do I change it back to printi...

G7020 Adding black lines

I'm printing logos through my Cricut to cut out and the top two on every page have thin black lines going through them and then they fade out on the other two rows. I was doing the same operation with a previous printer and didn't have he issue. Any ...

bfl 01.jpg

MG3620 won't print settings

Following manual instructions (page 145), press WIFI until ON flashes, the press WIFI again. Printer seems to print two pages but both are completely blank. Printing from my web browser works fine. Printer is connected by USB.

compata by Contributor
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