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Error 1485

I have a MG2522 printer. I recently in stalled new ink cartridges. They worked fine when I first put them in now I am getting an error code 1485 saying that they are not compatible. I checked and they are the correct ones.PG245 and CL246

Mx490 powers on, but doesn't start up

I have a Pixma mx490. When I press the power button the green light comes on as if it is on, but nothing else happens. It doesn't go through the usual noises of starting up, and there is nothing on the screen. Nothing happens when I push any of the b...

Canon MX922 Error 1311 caused by No 6 3/4 Envelope

I wanted desperately to print on a No 6 3/4 envelope (6.5"x 3.5'), even though clearly the Canon MX922 sheet feeder didn't accommodate them, as they are too small. But I tried anyway. It fed one, then the next jammed. One was retrievable, but the oth...

dtaylor2 by Apprentice
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TR8622 Faxing

I bought this printer just for the faxing capability.  Can I set it up to fax without ever connecting it to a computer?  There is no phone line near my computer so I was hoping I could just set it up where the phone line is without a computer.

Escape codes for G4210 printer

Bought a Canon G4210 tank printer. Downloaded the owner's manual. Couldn't find anything on escape codes. Tried the standard PCL codes - no joy.  I'm specifically, looking for the escape code sequence to place in a text file to force a page feed. In ...

_Da by Apprentice
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Canon MG3560S printer alignment issue

I have an alignment issue with my Canon MG3560S. I've gone through the print head alignment process (5 times now), and also wiped over the inner ribbon/bar, removed the black cartridge and checked there's no grease or gunk in there. Nothing works. An...

pixma IS9100 printer ink cartridge

My PIXMA IS9100 printer is using 280PGBK, 281BK, 281C, etc size ink cartridges. Can the XL and/or the XXL size cartridges replace what it has now?  How do the XL and XXL cartridges differ physically from what is installed now? Thank you,John

canon pixma mg 2522-caution light?

i tried to install a new cartridge and it keeps telling me i haven't installed it correctly and that it doesn't recognize a cartridge. i'm installing it correctly so i don't know what to do. i've tried turning it off and then back on and that doesn't...

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