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PIXMA MG3620 Printing Blurry Text

Hello, I have had this ongoing issue for months. I have sat down twice and ran through all advice I saw online on how to try to fix this issue and my printer is on a stable and secure surface. Every time I try to print the text comes out blurry, it l...

Orange lights help

My printer has a steady orange light beside both the black and color ink. I powered off and on a few times. What does this mean and what can I do? 

Monaa by Apprentice
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Poor photo quality

I am having trouble printing photos using my PIXMA G3200 printer. The top row of photos is printing from google docs and there are black streaks through the photos. I downloaded the Easy Photo Printer-Editor because I saw a recommendation for it and ...

IMG_3855 2.JPG IMG_3856.JPG

Pixma G6020 service mode and ink absorbers

I think I need to run an ink flush to fix my printing problem and I'd like to know how full the ink absorbers are before doing that. I found some instructions to put similar models into service mode but none seem to work on my G6020. Maybe how to fin...

PIXMA iP8750 guidance needed please!

Hi folks. I'm trying to print from my PIXMA iP8750 printer on to semi-gloss cardstock (packaging type stuff). Unfortunately it's not going too well. There's no paper setting for this when I go to the print setup, so I'm unsure what to use. I'm using ...

Print options.png
HoodTube by Apprentice
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pixma mg2522

i just bought a mg2522  and i dont have a computer or laptop , nothing to run the disk that came with the printer , is it possible for me to get my wifi network to acknowledge the printer so i can use my android powered tablet to send pics to the pri...

mega70 by Apprentice
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PIXMA MP620B Printing with Empty Cartridges

Hi. Dumb question here. Have an older Canon printer here that has been idle for quite a few years that I'm putting back on active duty. To be honest I never used it as such. I am not very computer savvy. The original CD w/ drivers is long gone, or at...

Tedster by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Resolved! PIXMA TR8620 inks

I just bought TR8620 printer. While setting up, I realized the 280/281 series of inks required for this new one are identical to the 270/271 series inks for my recently deceased MG6821 printer. As it turned out, most of the inks in my old printer had...

HFJR by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Issues with my printer

i cant get my printer to show up on my computer i have it connected to the usb and all it shows is set up the printer and i try and it asking for a model and i put in the model cannon MG2522

Eric2 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies
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