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PIXMA TR4520 detects wifi but not scanner


I have a Pixma TR 4520 printer/scanner.  I can print from another device just fine.  When I try to scan it shows a wifi signal but I get a message saying signal strength is poor.  I moved the router to be directly next to the printer with same result.  The scan utility says cannot communicate with scanner. I have spent HOURS trying to scan. Will try using a cable but have to purchase correct USB cable.


Product Expert
Product Expert


Turn your printer off and then unplug the power cord to your router for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. Once the network is up, turn on the printer and then print the network settings directly from the printer. Use the steps HERE to print the network settings. 

Once the network settings print, please let us know what is listed for the printer's signal strength. 

We look forward to your reply. 


Thanks for taking the time to help! I printed the network settings and the signal strength is 100%.

my “scan mode “ on the display shows a strong signal.  When I press scan, ok, the message is PC not connected.  
when I use the Canon utility Lite software on my lap top it searches  for the scanner but “cannot communication with scanner”.  It recommends moving router closer which I have done.