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If Pixma MX printer no power

If the printer power goes off and the cord it working and so it the outlet, suspect it may be a blown fuse in the printer.  can this be fixed ot do I need to get a new printer??

Can't Print CDS

Hi I have a MG5250  when I go to print cds after I have put a new cd in the draw and line up the arrowsit comes up with please close cover message.  I have gone through the settings but it still comes up with this.Any ideas. I am using Canon Easy pho...

Ivor by Apprentice
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Canon Selphy CP90

I have a Canon Selphy 900, I haven't used in a few months. I tried to print a picture and it said out of ink. I replaced the ink cartridge. Tried to print again and the ink film stuck to the paper- tearing the brand new cartridge film. I assumed it w...

Hcm by Apprentice
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Selphy 910 not printing via wifi

Hello - trying to print from mac to selphy 910.  The images print but they aren't rotated correctly so they ovly cover part of the page.  I rotated the image pefore printing but no success.  I can print if I move the same images to an SD card and pri...

smilenj by Apprentice
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PIXMA MX 892 won't connect to network

Having the same trouble with my Canon printer as MANY other people seem to have.  It works fine for a time and then just stops communicating with my computer.  My network is working correctly, as is my router.  In the past I have had to try a variety...

Canon MF8050 Cn Scanner

Every time I go to scan!  1. Set the printer to remote scanner2. Open MF Toolbox and hit PDF scan and wait for the MF Scan to show " program not responding " 3. Control Alt Delete.4. Restart computer, printer computer printer computer printer printer...

Cannon MG5320 printer - U052 error

On 4-27 I posted the U052 issue I had with my printer. I ended up calling Cannon customer service to ask if they would replace the printer head at no cost. I purchased my printer March 17, 2013 that put it a little over a month out of warranty. I was...

dionman by Apprentice
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