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PIXMA iP8720 Printing Very Light on CD

Hello,,I print on inkjet cdr media for family photos and as of yesterday the ink is very light like the cartridges are out of ink. But if I print on paper its fine. All colors are very deep in color just hardly can see it on the CDR.  Anyone know why...

ix6820 only prints yellow only on 11x14

Prints fine on 4x6 and letter size, on 11x14 only prints yellow.  Tried cleaning and deep cleaning.  Test pattern originally was both blacks and yellow only, after deep cleaning only yellow and one black print in the test.

Pixma TS8322 Not printing cyan or black

My Pixma TS8322 will not print cyan or black. I have attempted to clean and deep clean the nozzles multiple times (over 5 times each). I have also tried to complete the print head alignment but get an error because no ink is coming from cyan or black...


Printer comes up with support code and said turn off and contact support. They said to unplug it for at least 30 sec and plug it back in and turn on. Same result and they said sorry could help try a tech forom

Ink Options for PIXMA G3000 that I got from India

Hi Community,I got a printer from India a few years back... G3000 (Canon Pixma ink tank)... Now I am running out of Ink. In India I would have used GI-790 bottles but I am unable to find GI-790 bottles here.. Can someone suggest me a compatible ink b...

gaumal77 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Canon MX922 not printing any color

Hi friends....i have a canon stopped printing colors. Check Nozzle test prints only in black. I did deep cleaning several times. I did reset the printer, updated firmware. I even removed printer head and cleaning nozzles with water. There ...

gleudson by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Cannot solve E5 error on Pixma MP160

I took my old (but trusted) Pixma MP160 with me on a 600+ mile drive (mostly/only highway), and when I arrived I get an E5 error. It seems to have to do with the color cartridge, but I cannot solve it. Have tried the possible solutions here and here ...

Resolved! PIXMA G7020 "Manual Duplex" Scanning?

Hi All, Brand new G7020 in place and playing with it to learn how to use the features.  What on earth is the "manual duplex" mode I can select in the IJ Scan Utility Light software?  Does this mean that I put my stack in the ADF facing up, and then t...

No_T by Apprentice
  • 12 replies
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