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What is replacing the MX922 ?


So I gather the MX922 has been disco'd (massive sad face)


I've gone through 4 of these printers in the last 3 years.  Trust me... I MORE than exceeded all of their duty cycles, lol. 


I always kept at least one spare in stock in case of breakdowns.  But they are no longer available in any stores or online. If they are, they are 4-6 times the price LOL.  I have a part time papercraft business that relies heavily on print and cut for DIY plotters.  I use heavy weight papers like 80 - 120 lb cover stock.  Even the 120 lb never had a problem feeding with the MX922.  That's the most important factor in choosing a new printer.


Basically I'm looking for what's replacing the MX922 now.  Looking for these capabilities:


1.  Uses the PGI 250 inks

2.  Is confirmed to be able to handle heavy weighted paper (at least up to 100 lbs or 270 gsm)

3. 9600 x 2400 resolution

4. Paper feed in the front (no room in my shelf for a top loader)

5. Less than $100


Is the ip7220 what I should be looking at?



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi bucktoof,


Based on what you are looking for I would recommend the IP7220.


You also qualify for the Canon Upgrade Progrram.  


This program allows you the opportunity to purchase a replacement product discounted from the list price. Free ground shipping is included with your purchase.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please call our Sales Department at (866) 443-8002 seven days a week, 8 AM to midnight EST. Let them know you have been working with technical support and that the Canon Upgrade Program was offered.

I also have this printer and it does everything I want. But I have issues with using it on my iMac and MacBook. What might I do about finding a replacement that works with my software. I saw your post to another user about an upgarde prpgram and wondered if I might qualify for any help or discount also.



Tris Varga

Thanks, I actually read your reply when originally posted... jsut hadn't been back here for a while.


Just want to say the 7220 works great.  Other than no scanner and basically just an on/off switch, gets the job done for me 🙂


My only issue is sometimes when using Word, it will print doucments, particulary envelopes with missing text, or jumbled text.  I find the only wa to clear it up is a hard reset, unplugging the printer and holding the power button to clear any charge.


Basically this printer is an MX922 with the top chopped off lol.

Thanks for following up on what you did for a replacement!


The IP7220 sounds perfect for me with the exception of lack of a scanner. I have been very pleased with my MX922, but it is now getting the B200 error and paying $100 for a new printhead didn't seem like a good choice. I've seen and used the power down/open ink tank cover/power on/ close when ink tray moves trick with it, which works most of the time, but it seems like it is time for a replacement printer.


I'm almost out of ink cartridges, so retaining the same type isn't a huge factor for me.


I too soon need to replace my MX922. I need a scanner, duplex ADF for printer and scanner. two feed trays, paper and photo.

Not concerned re: using the 922's tanks. It seems there is nothing just now?


Agree with you, Astrobuf. I would like to replace my MX922 and need the scanner, duplex ADF, two feed trays. I can't find anything that seems to match.


Anyone from Canon able to provide direction on my MX922 replacement request?

Has there been a response?  I too need to replace my Pixma M922, and have really liked it.