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EOS Utility Support for EOS R5 RAW Files

I have the EOS Utility on my old Mac running OS X 10.7.5 that worked for my 5D Mark III. I note that it works for my new R5 when I shoot in .jpg, but not when I shoot RAW. Is there a EOS Utility version that I can get on this Mac that will allow me t...

johndd by Contributor
  • 4 replies

Capture Error on my Computer for my Canon Rebel T8i

Hi there, I'm using DragonFrame software for doing stop motion. I have my Canon connected (wired) to my computer. It's not allowing me to take any more photos and giving me this error (screenshot attached)My question is: If I'm recording my shots to ...

Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 7.41.10 PM.png

EOS Utility & Focus Peaking

Is there a way to enable focus peaking when using live view in the EOS utility?  I'm using a 42" display to help my 70 year old eyesight when focus stacking @ 5x (MP-E65).  Unfortunately I only have a manual focusing rail and using rear screen on the...

DPP4 Crash after update

I have used DPP4 for many years. When I upgrade to either V16.11 or V17.10 from V12.60 it immediately crashes on open. If I uninstall V16.11 or V 17.10 and reinstall V 12.60 it works. I have cleaned the registry after uninstall etc etc. Windows 10, i...

apk2 by Contributor
  • 11 replies

DPP4 Editing Controls Grayed Out

So I've downloaded DPP4 and I'm trying to edit my photos for the first time and when I click on a photo and hit edit most of the editing controls are grayed out and I cant use them. I'm not sure what I did wrong? Any help would be appreciated! 

Transfer Photos to Windows 11 Laptop from ELPH 360 HS

My wife recently bought a Powershot ELPH360 HS, After listening to the long video of how to transfer photos I went to the Canon site and on choosing Windows 11 it appears that it is not supported. That is unbelievable. Will choosing Windows 10 work? ...

Gunner17 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

EOS Utility Live View Blurry

Hi everyone, I've recently bought a Canon EOS 6D mark ii with a Canon EF 35mm F2.0 lens. I've tethered the camera and tried out the Live View option in EOS Utility 3. This works but I am presented with a horribly blurry live view. However, when I tak...

orange test sharper.jpg

Canon Connect App Says No Wi-Fi Connection

I am unable to connect to the Canon Connect app. I have used it in the past with minor problems. However, each time I go to connect, the WiFi connect to my iPhone for a few seconds before saying “no WiFi connection.” The app is fully updated, my came...

Emmi7842 by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Auto Focus while in Movie Mode on Canon Connect App

I shoot with a 5D Mark IV and noticed that while shooting video, the "tap to AF" functionality on the canon connect app is greyed out. This doesn't seem to be a problem when shooting images. But when I switch to video mode and connect the app, I can'...

EOS Utility mirrored live preview

Everyone, I want to ask, how to change EOS utility live preview so that it's mirrored?Everytime I do self photoshoot it's not mirrored so I often confused about my left side and my right side.Thank you in advance for the answer  


In DPP, I experimented with HDR PQ. Since most web browsers will not display HIF, I then attempted to convert the HIF to JPEG. I am attaching examples of the results. I like the result produced by macOS Photos and the result produced by GraphicsMagic...

IMG_3356cs2.JPG IMG_3356c_hif_s2.JPG IMG_3356_hif_gm_s2.JPG IMG_3356_hif_s2.jpeg
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