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EOS Pairing Software not finding EOS R10 on wifi network - Windows 11


I have connected my Windows 11 wifi to the camera wifi.  The camera screen shows "EOS-CB499B paring (connection) with the computer in progress.  Start EOS Utility on the computer."

When I run the EOS Utility it doesn't find the camera.

I'm following the instructions on this page:
Canon Knowledge Base - EOS R10: Connecting to a Computer via Wi-Fi

EOS Utility cannot find camera.png

Windows 11 connected to WiFi

Wifi connected to camera.png

Camera appears in computer network

Camera showing on network.png


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings dgladden,

Thank you for providing us with screenshots showing what you are seeing on your computer when attempting to connect the computer to the wireless access point of the EOS R10 camera.

Please check to ensure that the EOS R10 camera is running with the latest firmware version. You may visit the product support page for the camera by clicking the following link where you may download the latest firmware version for the camera, and step-by-step instructions are included in the download file for how to update the firmware on the camera.

We recommend to also check to ensure that the latest version of EOS Utility 3 is installed on your computer.

Alternatively, you may check to see if the EOS Pairing Software recognizes the EOS R10 camera when the camera is connected to your local wireless network or router instead of using the camera's wireless access point. Please also disable any VPN service or software application that may be running on your computer prior to having the computer connect to the camera.

Thanks for the response, however issue is still there.  Please let me know if there are any logs or computer information that might be helpful.

I have confirmed that the camera is on Firmware 1.4.0.

I have confirmed no VPN.

I can also confirm that the camera is able to connect to my wifi router.Canon EOS R10 connected to home wifi.png

I only have 1 router and 1 network.

Here is the version of Windows 11 I'm on:Windows 11 Version.png

I am having the exact same issue as user 'dgladden' -  My R10 has the latest firmware update (Ver1.40) and I am using EOS version   The EOS software simply does not 'see' my R10.  My computer shows it 'on-line' and available (screen capture attached)...   I have been able to link my Android Phone to my R10, but on my PC,  the EOS software does not find the R10 (I am also using Windows 11).... any help would be appreciated... Thank you   




Are you trying to connect to the local hotspot in the camera?  

Or, are you trying to connect your camera to the your local wireless access point?

The screenshot below seems to suggest the camera hotspot, not a a local wireless access point.


BTW, just because the amera can use Wi-Fi communication frequencies does not mean that the camera if sully networkable.  The built-in Wi-Fi is slower than a USB connection.  I recommend using USB when connecting to a computer.

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