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Resolved! Canon SDK 2.14 version please

My developer credentials are not working  seems Your user name is: developerYour password is: XXXXX It worked yesterday, but today above URL is forwarding to Lotus site, Please share Canon SDK 2.14 version please

Editing Software help

Hi Everyone,  Would you be so kindly to list what software you use to edit images and a brief description as to why you like it?   I understand that shooting RAW is the best suggested method as you get to keep most of the data within each file.  I ha...

juzan42 by Contributor
  • 9 replies

Resolved! having trouble loading the software on my pc (win7)

a just got an sx50 camera and am having trouble installing the software when I start the install - it promts for silverlight  which installs - the installer keeps going and then draws a large X saying unknown erroris  there any way to get a more deta...

normanR by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

EOS-1v ES-E1 Original Software

Does anyone know where to obtain the original ES-E1 CD Software (version 1.1 or 1.2)?  I am unable to re-install the software without the original CD making my cable useless. I have the update software but need to the orginal CD to install. thanks in...

Resolved! EOS M - Remote Shooting

Hello, How (or when) will the EOS M be able to perform Remote Shooting, like the EOS 1100D (and past models) did?I've been using a range of EOS cameras with the help of their SDK and C# and the results were astonishing. I would like to do the same wi...

eos remote app for iOS

The idea was great, however the development seems to be stopped on this.It hasn't been updated since Dec of last year.Will there be a new version of EOS Remote app for iOS? Features I'd like to see from the upgrade (if there's any)1) Full size image ...

rmpark by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Digital photo professional - export JPG from RAW

Hello!i have a problem with program Digital photo professional, when i want export images from RAW format to JPG.The problem is, that quality of image is much more worse, then in RAW format in DPP. JPG looks blurred and fuzzy.IMAGE LINK: Please check...

vilibao by Contributor
  • 16 replies

DPP Update From Hell

A year ago I bought a Canon 70D and installed the software.A week ago I went to their website and downladed an updatefor Digital Photo Professional (DPP) from 3.13.?? to 3.14.??.Ran the update and the program stopped working. The error wasDPPDLL.dll ...

Resolved! Aperture and Focus Points

Apple's Aperture has the feature that, when turned on, allows you to see the focus point(s) in a photo.  I have noticed that this works when I use my 60D with a Canon EFS 18-200 mm lens, but not when I mounnt my Canon 100-400 L lens.   I would like t...

Help with editing stills

Hi all, I'm having a weird situation with editing stills shot with the 70d in video mode. When I'm previewing the photos in Bridge or in Lightroom, the photos are automatically cropped because their were shot in video mode (I can see the photos being...

EkoGeko by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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