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Resolved! Digital Photo Professional - Where is the HELP file?

I'm curious.  Am I the only person who has installed DPP4, and did not get a HELP file?  No one else seems to have the same complaint.  When I click "Help" in the menu, there is only one selection, "About".  Good thing I have used DPP3.

Resolved! DPP 4 software won't open old Raw Files

 I went back to open some older Raw Files from 6 years ago that had been precessed with DPP 3.? but the DPP software shows this icon with the image and won't open it.  What's going on?


EOS utility 3 problem on OS X

I installed EOS utility version 3 (includes v2 and I've tried both) to my Mac Book Pro running El Capitan. I want to be able to shoot raw but review Jpegs on my laptop screen as I'm shooting. So I set up my 6D to shoot raw and Jpegs expecting the Jpe...

Riggers by Apprentice
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Having a live view of menu settings on computer

Hi, I am using EOS Utility to be able to live view from the camera onto my computer, but I want to be able to show the menu settings on my computer as well. I want to be able to view on a full screen monitor what I am seeing from my camera LCD in the...

Resolved! DPP batch incremental publish?

Is there a way to have DPP only generate jpg for raws that have been edited since the last processing?  I'd like to have a way of knowing (in DPP) which photos have pending edits that need to force republishing and go ahead and process them.  Current...

cebowler by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Canon EOS Utility on Windows Mobile 10 (Acer Switch 10)

Hi everyone, I just got EOS Utility running on Windows Mobile 10 on the Acer Switch 10! 1. Download the whole CD-ROM on a USB Pen Drive2. Plugin the USB Pen Drive into your Acer Switch 10 Tablet3. Install in the Desktop Mode the whole CD-ROM4. Instal...

Wolve by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

Canon Image Browser EX Landmarks and Groups do not load

I have been using Canon Image Browser EX for a little under a year, and I have a recurrent problem with it. I have a lot of pictures stored in my computer, and I have cross-referenced the pictures by Landmarks and by Groups. By default, of course the...

Marcoli by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

T6s and camera connect app

I just tried using the camera connect app and I have a few questions. In order to use my iPad do I have to be in a wifi area.? If I am using my phone , am I using data because I only have a small data plan . Also, when I plan on connecting camera to ...

Eclaire by Apprentice
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EOS Utility Only Shows "lens aberration correction "

Hello, I just bought my EOS 70D and I'm trying to use the utility to install some settings, specially the Technicolor CiniStyle. Anyway, to do this you need to click the first "auto" drop down and make changes, but the only things I can click is the ...

outerbox by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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