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Photo Editing Software?

Hello Canoniites!Good MorningI am just getting into serious photography and have a CANON 80d. My photos and pictures are getting out of handI would love to organize and better edit pics Adobe Photoshop 15 - around $ 70.00 on amazon is said to be the ...

Uploading video to iphone through Canon Connect

Hi,Does anyone know if it's possible to upload videos to an iPhone through the Canon Connect app?I have an EOS 1300D and I have had no problem uploading photos through the app but it fails every time I try to upload a video.Thanks in advance

SQ11 by Apprentice
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Re: Can't connect SX530 HS to MacBook via wi-fi

Hi Richard! I happened upon this thread and I hope you can help me. I have downloaded and installed CameraWindow 8.10.10b. When I try to open the app, it says that no camera was found. I'm assuming that's correct because I haven't been able to connec...

Remote Shooting Unavailable

In EOS Utility, the remote shooting option isn't appearing. The program seems to be recognizing my camera because it says EOS M at the top, and if I unplug the camera a notice in red saying "connection lost" appears at the bottom and the program clos...


Canon Connect App

The canon connect app is on my phone. When I tap the icon to open the program, the program will not open. It tries to open and it goes to a white screen and then immediately shuts down. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled the app still, the sa...

DPP 4.5.20 Memory error during Gama Auto Tune

Been using DPP for 6+ months now.  First time I have ever seen a memory error in the software.  First checked that other programs were closed, verified nothing using memory in task manager, rebooted computer, attempted to perform operation on same im...

Resolved! EOS Utility Image Download to Computer Problem

I have used Canon EOS Utility for some years to download images from my Canon 70D Tto my computer via USB connection.I recently downloaded the Eos Utility 2 for Windows 10 and it worked fine.Yesterday I tried downloading some images as normal and alt...

Waking camera when remote shooting - iPhone

During a remote shoot last night using Camera Connect with iPhone, my Live View went to sleep. I couldn't figure how to wake it up again without pressing the shutter button. I suspect it is tied to my iPhone going to sleep after a certain amount of t...

DPP4 crashes every time I open it

Hi all. I just loaded Digital Photo Professional 4 on my MacBook Air. Every time i open it, it crashes immediately. So frustrating. Any ideas why or how to fix? Thanks.

lawchiq by Apprentice
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Unable to connect camera (eos m10) with phone

Hi, I have some problem connecting my camera to my phone via wifi. I have follow the instructions accordingly. However, when I get to the stage where the wifi is "connected" the message "internet may not be available appear below the ssid of the came...

weetai by Apprentice
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Eos utility is not working (Canon 70D)

Hi, I tried to use the EOS utility 2 with my Canon 70D, but apparently the software is not recognizing the camera and I was not able to figure out how to solve it. I also have used with my T2i, but it worked fine. I'm using windows 10. Does anyone kn...

tsouza29 by Contributor
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Apple Photos and DPP 4

I have a MacBook Pro and canon T6i, I was using my iPad Air for my photos, but just bought the MacBook Pro.  I have the Canon software downloaded.  When I try to bring any photos into DPP4 the software can't find any photos.  I can edit my photos in ...

image sync always sends via server

I have a Canon G7X which is connected to Canon Image Gateway. I have installed the image transfer utility on both a macbook air running osx 10.11 and a mac mini running osx 10.11. No matter what I do I can not get the camera to send images directly v...

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