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Santa brought me a GP-E2 gps unit. I use it with my Canon 80D, and it sends information properly to EXIF, both when mounted in the hotshoe, and also if I connect via cable to the 80D mini-USB port. But it the Canon software (GPS Log file utility, or ...
Just upgraded to Photoshop Elements 2018 (from Photoshop Elements 15). When I try to install Print Studio Pro (current version V2.2.3) plugin, it does not find Elements 2018. What am I doing wrong?  
I just upgraded from a 60D to an 80D.  One of the reasons was the "in camera" HDR hype. It seems (correct me if I'm wrong), that the camera only saves the resulting JPG, not the three underlying exposures (.cr2 and .jpg). Is that true, or if not, whe...
Went through "power reset" and "re-seat the print head". What are the likely causes of this problem?    
I have a Pixma Pro 10 printer.  In previous versions of Photoshop Elements (up to version 14), I used the Canon "Print Studio Pro" plugin to set up my print jobs. I upgraded Photoshop Elements to version 15, and I can't seem to install the plugin.  
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