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DxO Oprtics 11

Free offer of DxO Oprtics 11 expires in less than 3 weeks.  This might be a saver for those that don't want to rent the new Lightroom.  It supports cameras including the 1Dx Mk II.  It is free for a short time. It is at this address

ebiggs1 by Legend
  • 2 replies

Resolved! DPP 4 Lens Data problem

I'm having an odd problem with DPP v4.7.20.0, I shot 19 images with a 7DII + 100-400mm II but 4 of these images are showing Lens data : Not Available, it seems the camera didn't save the data to the raw file, what could be the cuase of this?Just to a...

jm2 by Contributor
  • 7 replies

Resolved! 80D and Lightroom

I have a new 80D and have downloaded a free trial on LR Classic CC.  I'm unable to import the .CR2 files.  Says they are not recognised.  Having a problem talking with Adobe support to find out whether the version to buy is compatible.   Any advice? 

DPP 4.7.2 installer crashes on OS X Sierra

Running Sierra 10.12.6.  Had DPP 3.15 installed on it for several years and its always worked. Tonight I downloaded DPP 4.7 and when installing, it says unpacking files but the installer never starts.  So, to get around it, I installed the software o...

amstel78 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

End of standalone Lightroom

Now that Adobe has announced there will be no further support for standalone Lightroom, what product will you be using in the future? As stated on Peta Pixel: "Adobe is also announcing that Lightroom 6 will be the last standalone version of Lightroom...

John_SD by Whiz
  • 17 replies

image sync

I wanted to use image transfer utility to copy pictures to my PC.  Is there any way to keep the image transfer utililty running so that when i transfer pictures from the camera that they automatically transfer onto my PC?  Now I open the utility, the...

lynmar by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

How to setup EOS Utility to auto start

Currently I am using EOS utility to autoload images from my Canon 6DM2 when I connect USB cable to camera. I would rather do so when I connect the memory card to my Lexar USB 3 card reader I have.  OS is Windows 10 ver 1703. How to I configure EOS Ut...

peter460 by Contributor
  • 5 replies

Resolved! Lightroom CC and New IMac

For several years I have been using Apple Aperture on a Macbook Pro for editing photos.  I am now plannng to get a new 27-inch iMac and use Lightroom CC for my photo editing.  Can anyone offer experience on how well Lightroom runs on these Apple iMac...

DPP 4.7.1 - Hangs a lot

Often DPP hangs , I let it try and recover and after 15 mins or so somethimes it recovers otherwise I have to reboot PC. Does not help shutting down app and restarting - it won't run then. Even after a reboot of PC it won't start and I need to do a s...

peter460 by Contributor
  • 8 replies

EOS Utility: remote shooting and shots countdown

Hello everyone!  I started remote shooting to my laptop with 5D MkII and EOS Utility 2. The possible shots count was about 2900 or so. No matter if I clear disk after every session, this count goes smaller and smaller. Now I work with 5Ds and EOS Uti...

Converting CR2

Just discovered that the Canon RAW files shot with a Canon 20D in 2005, are no longer openable. (is that a word?) I have a few thousand of them and in '05, '06, etc., i opened them, worked on them in PS and saved them. Now i want to work with some of...

Taiyosan by Contributor
  • 41 replies

DPP micro ajustement of +52 ?

Hello .  I will make it short. When I look in DPP, the microadjustement announce for one picture is+52 microadjustement !!What I am really surpised , it is because my camera body (1Dx), allows me to microadjust only between -20 and +20... So How can ...

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