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4.9.2 glitch

Respected Contributor

This morning I was going through a folder of around 500 RAW images I shot last night and with one image every time I would try to use auto gamma adjustment it would make it to around the 75% progress complete and then the program would close.  Surprisingly I didn't get the usual "MS nag screen" when programs do something wrong and Windows wants to send a report to the mothership.


All images were shot with my 1DX 2 using the same camera settings and there is nothing special or different about that image in terms of its content or creation but DPP definitely chokes on something in that particular file.


I am using a very well behaved HP Z820 workstation with twin Intel 8 core Xeon (Server grade CPU equivalent to I7 ) processors, 128GB of RAM per processor, a fast Nvidia card, and Win 10 64 Pro edition.  It isn't a huge deal but it is annoying.


And on edit it did it again around 100 images later, same scenario.  I noticed that DPP randomly spikes to about 3 GB of memory usage according to the system monitor but total system memory usage is at 6% with other tasks running.  CPU loading peaks at 22% during conversion of the offending file which is pretty typical for this system for all files.


I modified the recipe file I used for indoor soccer to get closer to optimal adjustments and I won't try using auto gamma anymore for this set of files, something to worry about later and maybe the next update will be more stable.



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