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Secondary image processing software suggestions

Do folks recommend other photo tools. I used to use Adobe photo shop in the 1990s when making web pages that would fit through the old 28.8 and 56 kb modems (think reduction reduction reduction). I now want to become a real photographer and am lookin...

EOS Utility Live View keeps freezing

I'm connecting a Canon M50 to a fairly new Alienware computer -- lots of resources (so that's not the issue).  My Live View window keeps freezing.  I can usually unfreeze by selecting any random option in the live view window, such as "Movie Servo AF...

PhotoMu by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Camera Connect app -- white balance buttons are grayed

Using the Camera Connect app with a G1X Mark III, set to Manual.  I go to "remote live view shooting".  It connects to the camera over wi-fi. At the bottom of the app, there is a row with "Zoom" lit up, then a flash icon (grayed), a cloud icon (graye...

Resolved! Stacking Bracketed Shots

Any rumors on when DPP will incorporate the ability to stack/combine shots? I don't use Photoshop or Lightroom.I have used some freebie sites but they struggle with 24mp photos.Thanks

Need Canon 20d DRIVER

My camera battery was dead this morning for back to school pics so I grabbed my old 20D because it had a full battery, go figure, only to realize my relatively new computer does not have a slot for a compact flash memory card. Another option is to ho...

webberma by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Digital Photo Professional s/w extremely slow

I have DPP version, and use two cameras, an 80D and a 5DSr, both currently set to shoot in RAW.  I use DPP to rate and edit the raw files, before finishing editing them in Photoshop.  However DPP is running extremely slow - usually it works ...

KenMcD by Apprentice
  • 10 replies

Canon Installation Softwware.

I wonder if Canon knows about this quirk when you have a very high resolution monitor.  NVidia GTX 1060 graphics card.  This is what the Canon Installers look like.  You can barely read it at this screen resolution.Just wondering, Canon.

Canon software

Need some advice. I'm working with two Canon cameras and Canon software and Lighroom/Photoshop. I have the 6D full frame and the 7D small frame and use Canon utility and Digital Professional.  When I hook up a cable to download from my 6D MK2 the sof...

thirdherd by Contributor
  • 12 replies

EOS Utility Not Working Please Help

I own a rebel t6 and I've been to every forum thread that has had the same issue, most of the time it's some anti-virus that was blocking it from working but for me, this is not the case I tried uninstalling 4 times and it still hasn't worked every t...

Resolved! "Ken Burns" effect (high quality pan and zoom) software

Looking for free video software to get a true Ken Burns effect?   That is,  pan a photo larger than the video dimension w/o losing quality? If I load a 6000x4000 photo and pan a window of , for instance, 1920x1080 (high res video) I need the video wi...


Is anyone in the forum with a basic question as I've jusy started using DPP. When I click on a thumnail for edit - I only get a very small image and cannot resize it. I've tried clicking the + and - signs to resize - but nothing happens. I can size t...

DPP 4 - HDR does not work

Hello all! I"ve used the HDR feature in my EOS 3d mk3 and it works fine. I wanted to try the HDR feature in DPP4 - and it does not work. Each time select the three photos to use, the error message "could not read image" appears. Anybody know why this...

DPP 4.8.x Feedback Thread

Have you recently upgraded to DPP 4.8.20 for Windows or MAC.  Please include: Version and build of your OSFresh install or Upgrade from previous version of DPPYour experience or feedback

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