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Digital Photo Professional


I spent a couple hours tonight on DPP for Mac editing pictures and "saving" using the "save" button in the top center of the screen and manually driving to a folder I created for finished images.  I finished my work for the night and closed DPP.  When I went to that folder to verify my work was saved... no images.  Anybody know if that data is saved somewhere or am I just out my time.  This is extremely frustrating.



The terminology is a bit confusing at first if you're not used to working with DPP4.


What you have done by selecting "Save" is to have saved a file (think of it as a recipe) of all the adjustments you've made for each individual image. Re-open an image in DPP4 and it should show you the image with your previous edits applied.


Then select the same image and click on "Convert & Save". You can then save a seperate copy of the image, with the edits applied, as either a JPEG or a TIFF file. And your original RAW file will remain unchanged, as will the "recipe" of your edits attached to it.