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EOS Utility Not Working Please Help

I own a rebel t6 and I've been to every forum thread that has had the same issue, most of the time it's some anti-virus that was blocking it from working but for me, this is not the case I tried uninstalling 4 times and it still hasn't worked every t...

Resolved! "Ken Burns" effect (high quality pan and zoom) software

Looking for free video software to get a true Ken Burns effect?   That is,  pan a photo larger than the video dimension w/o losing quality? If I load a 6000x4000 photo and pan a window of , for instance, 1920x1080 (high res video) I need the video wi...

Some lens correction questions

Having looked through the various user manuals associated with the subject software there is very little information that helps to inform a user just learning about digital image processing what's being done.  As best I can tell lens correction is so...

aajax by Enthusiast
  • 13 replies


Is anyone in the forum with a basic question as I've jusy started using DPP. When I click on a thumnail for edit - I only get a very small image and cannot resize it. I've tried clicking the + and - signs to resize - but nothing happens. I can size t...

DPP 4 - HDR does not work

Hello all! I"ve used the HDR feature in my EOS 3d mk3 and it works fine. I wanted to try the HDR feature in DPP4 - and it does not work. Each time select the three photos to use, the error message "could not read image" appears. Anybody know why this...

DPP 4.8.x Feedback Thread

Have you recently upgraded to DPP 4.8.20 for Windows or MAC.  Please include: Version and build of your OSFresh install or Upgrade from previous version of DPPYour experience or feedback

Resolved! AfterShot Pro 3 and RAW files

I really like the capabilities of Corel AfterShot Pro 3.  I have been unable to make it load Canon Raw (CR2) files.  Has anyone out there suceeded in doing that ? Thanks,

DPP won't open in Windows 8

Hi...We can't get  Digital Photo Professional (v3.13.0.1) to open on our Windows 8, 64-bit machine.  We get the following message: We've uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times, made sure the screen resolution is above 1024 x 768, and have trie...

DPP windows 8 error message.JPG
bublynski by Contributor
  • 25 replies

Cannot adjust seam with PhotoStitch

I am using PhotoStitch with my Mac (OS 10.11) for the first time, to connect together pictures taken with my PowerShot SX150 iS.  The program was easy to use, and in general has done a good job, but there is one glitch that I can't seem to f...

Macman44 by Apprentice
  • 9 replies

CR2 files suddenly "empty"

I have a raw file archive of full resolution CR2's, roughly 350GB worth in over 18k files. Last night I was going through culling some old stuff in PhotoMechanic and came to some CR2 files it could not read.  I explored the folder with said files and...

Camera Connect App Not Working on iOS 11.2.1

Apparently when my iPhone 7 was running iOS 10 the Camera Connect app was working fine. However that I updated my iPhone to latest iOS version 11.2.1 the app suddenly stopped working. When I will open the app it is only displaying a white blank scree...

Raw Image Visibility and size.

I have read several articles in which it is claimed that RAW images are not visible unless converted. However, in DPP software that comes with our EOS camera, we can see raw images even before conversion. If these are the +JPEG images  the camera pro...

Epicuros by Contributor
  • 13 replies

6d Mii/Topaz Studio

anyone use this combo? When I export image to Topaz Studio from Mii I get a purple castto image like Studio does not support Mii. This does not happen when I use images from my 80d and old 6d. All images are in RAW, if I change image to a jpeg no pur...

chief by Rising Star
  • 7 replies

Lightroom 5.7.1 vs Digital Photo Professional 4

I viewed the same RAW image in both Lightroom 5.7.1 and DPP 4.  The image as viewed through LR had weak colors.  When I viewed the same image in DPP 4, the image had great colors, sharpness etc. more in line with my in camera settings?  Has anyone el...

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