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Canon eos R6 II not connecting to eos utility with firmware 1.1.2



Since upgrading to firmware 1.1.2 on my eos R6 II, it won't connect to the eos utility app, neither the 3.16 or 3.17.
This behaviour was reproduced with many computers, cables.
I also took it in to the official Canon pro service partner near where I live, they had the same problem with multiple tries, and told me it must be a software problem, and wait for the solution.
Has anyone read anything about this problem? It's really bugging me, I was depending on this app in my workflow.


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I assume that you have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth disabled in the camera if using a USB cable?

You also could reset all camera functions and custom functions back to defaults.

Yes, tried with airplane mode, and seperately turning off both. As for setting back to defaults, I have made quite a few changes, and as I sad the official service had the same results as me, with another camera, I don't want to lose my settings 🙂

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I guess either wait for a firmware update or revert back to your previous firmware version.

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Does the camera work with the EOS Utility via Wi-Fi, but not a cable?


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Would that be a temporary solution?

Too slow unfortunately, I'll try reflashing the older firmware as suggested above.

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I've seen some YouTube videos on how to flash to an earlier firmware version. There might be some risk. Let us know how it goes.

I just read it's not officialy supported, and I don't want to try janky ways, so I guess I'l wait...

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