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Cannon Connect not working when internet is enabled in SIM card


Self explanatory, I have a Pixel 7 and a M200, in order to get Cannon connect to work on my phone, I have to disable my SIM card. If I'm getting internet from my cell phone provider, Connect does not recognize my phone even though it is connected to the camera wifi. When I disable the SIM and the phone is connected and recognized by the camera, it stop recognizing it as soon as I enable the SIM. Is it working this way by design? It is an annoying behavior. Note that all the time, the phone is connected to the camera wifi, the connection itself doesn't drop, it is the camera not recognizing the phone 



It is probably working “as designed.”  You cannot connect to two different connections at the same time.

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Thanks, I guess it is more about routing because both connections are established but the phone seems to prioritize the one with internet access

All smart phones seem to work that way.  They prioritize having an available internet connection from a phone service provider.  

Based upon my observations of my iPads, the key phrase is “from a phone service provider.”  I have two iPads.  Both can connect to my home WAP, which provides Internet access.  One of them has phone service and it constantly wants to switch to the internet connect from the phone service provider.

Isn‘t there a setting in the camera that allows you to disable automatically connecting to a network?

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Greetings Larce,

I have a Pixel 6, M200, etc.  However, I am not using eSIM with my provider (AT&T).  I have a SIM installed on my device.  

Who is your cellular provider?

AT&T allows simultaneous connections, example, I can talk and text, use the internet, etc. at the same time.  The only time I can't do both would be if I didn't have cellular reception and was using Wi-Fi calling.  I know for a while Verizon did not allow this, and I'm unsure if they ever got that resolved.  An eSIM should not make any difference.  Its an embedded chip in the phone that holds the IMEI info, same as a removeable SIM.

Your phone does not need cellular reception to connect to Canon Connect.  You should not need to disable connection to your cellular network via eSIM or SIM card to use the Wi-Fi connection features in the CC App.

The camera (M200) is the host.  It acts as an access point and your phone connects to it.

I've not tried to talk and connect my wi-fi / bluetooth to Canon Connect at the same time.  I'll try for you today and let you know what happens.  


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Thanks Rick, the SIM card as you say should not have anything to do as a peer to peer Wi-Fi connection is established between the phone and the camera as host... May be the fact that the Camera Wi-Fi has no internet connectivity confuses de phone and it prioritize the communications via the SIM card... The provider shouldn't have anything to do here... It is either a phone thing or an application thing... Things point to how networking with is being managed by the pixel 

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