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Canon EOS Utility Malfunctioning with Win 11


I use a Stackshot rail system with an EOS T7 camera for microphotography.  The EOS Utility enables the camera to send the photos as they are taken to my laptop where I can process them w. stacking software. About a week ago I upgraded my sub 1 year old laptop to Windows 11 (from 10).  Ever since, I have not been able to get through a stack of photos without getting a "connection lost" message.  In a stack of 80 photos, I might get to 23 and from then on, the camera keeps functioning, but the photos don't arrive at the laptop.  At first, I thought it might be a loose connection or defective cable.  I replaced an AC camera adapter w. the camera battery thinking the adapter might have failed.  But, I still got the disconnect message often associated with a big red X over the EOS software photo frame. 

So, I replaced my new laptop with the one I had previously used for photo stacking.  Everything worked perfectly again.  Thinking the Utility may have been corrupted by the Win 11 download process itself, this morning I once again hooked up the Win 11 laptop to my camera setup, uninstalled the EOS Utility, restarted it, and then downloaded the most recent version.  Almost immediately I got the "connection lost" message again.  

It seems pretty clear, Windows 11 and EOS Utility are not getting along well together.  I can only think that until Canon upgrades the EOS Utility specifically for the Win 11 OS, I will just have to continue to use my old Win 7 laptop.  I have yet to see if the Win 11 download is reversible. 

Please let me know if you've had a problem...or not...with a similar photo equipment configuration.





A windows 10 > 11 upgrade is downgrade-able for 10 days.  Settings > Upgrade and Security > Recovery (example)


After that, its a re-install.


FYI, EOS Utility v3.14.30 listed for the T7 does not show support for W11. 


The utility is not certified for the OS you upgraded to. I am sure, a new release will become available in the near future.       

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Hi Rick,

Thank you for the reply.  Unfortunately, it turns out that I missed the ten-day portal.  It was only after I wrote the message above that I investigated if it was possible to reverse the 10 to 11 process.  Looked like an easy solution, but by then, going through the steps you have included here, I got the message that it was not possible for this PC.  In that Win 11 has only recently come out, I would expect Canon will probably have an EOS Utility compatible with the Win 11 OS within a few months.  In the meantime, I'll just use my old Win 7 PC.  Hopefully this exchange will help others. 

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Interesting. Reluctant to change to W11 anyway. Not sure if the upgrade will be of benefit to me.


I am holding off on Win 11 upgrades for a year in order to let the dust settle.  Still hoping Canon will port DPP and utilities over to Linux which is a far more stable OS that is much cleaner.  My HP Z820 and Z840 both came dual boot with Linux and Windows installed and the only time I boot the workstations into Windows anymore is for DPP and EOS utility (I use EOS to transfer files via ethernet from my 1DX series bodies to the network).


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I'm wondering if there is a compatibility mode from Win11 to Win10. I'm checking, but if anyone hears anything...


And as i thought, there is a compatibility mode, but it changes nothing...

So none of my stuff (7dII, 80d, etc.) is allowing a download.


It is pretty disappointing that a company such as Canon can't release an update to coincide with the release of Windows 11.  Microsoft make the release to manufacture versions available to their partners very early on, and they certainly make the beta versions available months ahead of the release.  I've just upgraded with the expectation that all would just function.  Fortunately, I still have my old system available for just this contingency. Imagine though someone purchasing a new computer with Windows 11 and no fall back version available!  Ooops, major issue.