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Fungus inside Canon WC-DC58A wide converter lens

Good day everyone! So I bought this lens recently for a very cheap price, but I saw that it has fungus in it. Does anybody know how to properly open this so that I could clean it? Or should I just bring it to a Canon service center (which is very ver...


EOS 90D LP-E6 Battery vs LP-E6N Battery

LP-E6N Battery:My new Canon 90D is powered by LP-E6N battery. Dimensions are the same as LP-E6 batteries, just the mAh is little higher. Experts opined that both these batteries can be used interchangeably. So, I decided to put this to test. LP-E6 pa...

LP-E6NH Batteries not holding charge

I have several sets of Genuine Canon LP-E6NH batteries and, after very little use, the potential for charging has dropped by one and even two bars.  Older batteries do not have this issue - it is apparent on my R5 and two R6 units, so I don't think i...

EOS Rebel Missing Eyecup

I removed the eyecup from my Canon Rebel to film fireworks so I could cover the view finder with the cap that's on the camera strap and wouldn't you know it: I misplaced the eyecup and now want to replace it.

Hamop54 by Contributor
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BR-E1 Connection issue

Hello all. I have a BR-E1 Bluetooth remote that I use with an R6 and a G5X MkII. With each camera I can’t connect the remote consistently.  I often have to delete and re-pair to get it to work with both cameras. Don’t imagine its a compatibility issu...

M200 using BR-E1 issues

Has anyone had any luck using the BR-E1 blue tooth controller with EOS M200? I have paired and am able to use the controller to take photos but only in Selfie mode if I switch to sports mode or portrait the controller does nothing.Any recommendations...

help please Cannon eos 4000d dummy battery

hello there, i have cannon eos 4000d i bought a ACK-E10 5V usb dummy battey and i paird it with adapter, it works fine i left it turn on 24 hours without problem, but when i connect it to pc via usb cable (another cable A to Mini B) , the dslr discon...

gunend by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Resolved! Mount adapter lens EF /EF S canon for R6

Can someone tell me what adapter is better to get , the canon mount adapter for a regular price in Best Buy $99 or the adapter with the ring thing for $199. I just need your profesional recommendation. Thank you 

Best Eye Cup for EOS R

I wear glasses.  Often, there is too much glare in my viewfinder for me to see any image at all.  Is there a good third-party over-sized eye cup for the EOS R?  Canon doesn't offer any optional eye cup for the EOS R (according to a company rep this m...

Canon Sl3 Hot Shoe adapter

Hi I have a canon sl3 and have not been able to find a flash compatible throughout my research. I came across the Canon AD-E1 Multifunction Shoe adapter and was wondering if i could use that on the SL3 and then use any brand of flash. 

Resolved! 1DsMKII Battery Charger.

I have had my 1DsMKII for ever. Now when I plug the batteries into the NC-E2 Charger only the "Refresh" yellow lamp comes on , sometimes flashing, sometimes on solid, and the batteries do NOT charge.Am I missing something?"Charge" light never comes o...

LP-E6NH OEM Battery Availability

LP-E6NH batteries are available as of today at B&H.  I got a few more.  Get'em quick before they go on back order again.  9/4/2022 Camera CompatibilityEOS REOS R5EOS R6EOS 7D Mark IIEOS 7DEOS 5DSEOS 5DS REOS 5D Mark IVEOS 5D Mark IIIEOS 5D Mark IIEOS...

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