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SD/memory cards for Canon EOS Rebel T5


What are the best SD or memory cards that are compatible with the Canon EOS Rebel T5, and what is the limit for each card? And by limit, I meant how many photos and videos can it hold on that camera?


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You want to use full size SD cards, not micro SD cards. I recommend a 32GB or 64GB Sandisk card. 

Screenshot 2023-09-13 220940.jpg


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Number of shots with an 8GB card, depending on the resolution:

Screenshot 2023-09-13 222415.jpg

Display of possible shots:

Screenshot 2023-09-13 222504.jpg

All this information is in the camera manual. You download and refer to it. It contains much information on your camera.

What about 256GB?

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You shouldn't use such large memory cards. It is better to have several smaller memory cards such as 32 GB then one large card. If a large card fails, you lose all your pictures. With smaller cards, you don't lose everything.



SD card=memory card.

Memory card capacity is shown in the owner's manual. Do you have it? If not, download it from Canon.  How much fits on a card depends on image quality settings and if shooting JPEGs or RAW or both. Total movie recording time on a card depends on movie recording size setting. Either one depends on available space on the card. You can have stills and video on the same card.



Stick to the full size, SDHC SD cards, which have a capacity of 32 GB or less.  I realize the camera specifications says the SDXC SD cards, which have a capacity of 64 GB or higher, are also compatible.  They are not compatible.

Based on personal experience [and] those of other forum members experiencing SD card issues with xxxxD camera bodies, the camera will give you frequent errors or just stop working with SDXC memory cards.  When you switch to a smaller card, SDHC, then all the problems go away.

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