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Combine AVCHD video files from HF100 smoothly?

I own a Vixia HF100 camcorder for which there is apparently a recording  file size limit of 1.9 gb. This means that when I videotape an event that is longer than around 17 minutes the camera/SD cardbreaks the file into sections. When played back with...

Unable to configure XA25 wifi with CameraAccess

I have been wnable to configure XA25 wifi with CameraAccess on a IPhone 6.  No clear reason why the camera is either not broadcasting or not being seen the by the IPhone.  Anyone has a walkthrough or a solution to this problem?  Exact settings on cam...

Rigglord by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

My computer wont detect my Canon vixia hf r400

Please Help me. My computer wont detect my Canon vixia hf r400 im running windows 8 and I tried everything from installing the drivers to the USB ports, I have my ports in legacy mode and still wont detect. I have USB 3.0 ports but I can't imagine it...

VIXIA HF R700 vs VIXIA HF R600 battery life

I'm considering one of these two camcorders. I understand the VIXIA HF R700 comes with the BP-727 battery and has a longer life. Would the VIXIA HF R600 using the BP-727 battery would have the same duration as the VIXIA HF R700?  Can the BP-727 batte...

kent510 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Vixia HF R52 "lost" video shots.

My Vixia HF R52 had been losing video shots. This is the 2nd time that it happened. Returning home from a vacation I found out that 2 days of AVCHD  videos could not be found. Upon downloading to the computer with Pixella those 2 days were skipped.. ...

Bimbing by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Download and SD Card problem

Hello I have a Canon Legria HF R57 camcorder and I am trying to download a movie without success. Windows 10 can 'see' the camcorder (in Devices and Printers) but no files inside it. Canon's recommended software for video import is Pixela's Transfer ...

Optura 20 sometimes has vertical on screen when in record mode.

Hello My canon optura 20 sometimes has vertical lines that look like window shutters on a patio door, sometimes just black screen. ( looks like vertical shutters) Sometimes they go away and I can view and record just fine. When in playback mode never...

jtkkwag by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Question about using external mics on XA 30

Hi! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post and hopefully answer my question! I am trying to record an interview. I have two lav mics (not wireless.) Can I plug them both into the camera inputs and use them or will I need to go through a m...

lisamke by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

Vixia HF R600 memory card initialize error

Brand new camcorder and memory card.  I am receiving "process terminated with error" when attempting to initialize my class 10 SD 128G Patriot memory card.   Upon closing out the error msg I then get "check memory card," of which I removed and resert...

Canon VIXIA HF R400 Clicking Noise on Playback

I emailed support yesterday and got no answer. It's past 8-12hrs the automated system says support will respond within. My cam has been exhibiting a clicking noise upon playback. I can illustrate it in two different videos I've uploaded to YouTube. I...

Vixia HF20 Blurry/Pixelation in Video

I recently purchased a Vixia HF20 on eBay used, but in really good condition with all original packaging and contents (the guy said he used it a couple times and then it sat unused), and after using it a couple times I found that in the videos I reco...

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