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XF400 Face Detection Option Greyed Out




I'm wondering if you can help me with a setup problem. I cannot find a way to activate the Face Detection function in the menu. It is "greyed out." I have another XF400 set up identically (or so I believe) but it does not have this problem. Here are the exact settings:




digital zoom: off

zoom speed: normal

rocker: variable

handle: 8

wireless: 8

hi sp zm: on


af mode: cont

Af frame: s

Af speed: normal

af rest: normal

face: on!!!

focus guide: on


focus preset speed: normal

flicker reduct: off

Conversion lens: off

Image stab: standard


powered IS button: on

Set wb priority: 5600

focus ring direction: norm

focus ring resp: norm

zoom ring direction: norm

IR light: norm


IR Rec Color: white



Internal/External Rec: Internal

Movie Format: MP4!!!

Resolution: 4k

Frame Ratez: 59.94!!!


audio format: 4CH

Recording Media: Mem Card A

Recording Photos: Rem Card B

Dual/Relay Recording: Relay!!!

Available Space in Memory: N/A

Initialize: N/A


rec command: off

HDMI time code: off

Time code mode: preset

Time code running mode: recRun



Initial time code: n/a

User bit type: n/a

color bars: off

1 Khz ton: off

File numbering: continuous



CH2 Input: Input1!!!

CH3/CH4: int/mic

Input1 Mic Trimming: 0bd

Input1 Mic Att.: off


Input 1/2 limiter: Off

Input 1/2 ALC Link: SEP

Built in mic sens: Norm

Built in Mic Att: Off

Built in Mic low Cut: Off


Head phone vol: 8

Monitor Channels: 1/2

HDMI Channels: 1/2

Notification Sounds: Off



Output Term: HDMI

HDMI Max Res: 1920x1080

Output Status: N/A

LCD Brightness: About 3/4

LCD Backlight: normal

VF backlight: normal


LCD Mirror Image: On

Output Onscreen Displays: Off

Onscreen Markers: Level White

Distance Unit: Feet



Language: English

Time Zone/DST: nyc

Date/Time: Set as needed

Network Settings: N/a

Fan: On!!!

Wireless Remote: N/A


power led: On

tally lamp: on

access led: on

led: on

remote terminal: std

assign button1: af/mf


assign button2: powered IS

assign button3: preRec

assign button4: rec review

assign button5: magnify

Onscreen assignable button: photo

Custom Dial & Button Tv/Av/M!!!


Backup Menu Settings: N/A

Certification Logo display: N/A


Reset all: N/A





We are sorry that this is the case.  Other instances where this has become an issue, a full factory reset to factory default settings will relieve this issue. 

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Thanks for the quick reply, Tim!


I'll do that. I'm guessing now that the problem is NOT related to a setting issue, but is actually a technical malfunction? If so, I will pass that on to the rental house where I obtained it.