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Vixia- was dropped by a student- won't record video


I have been using this camera for quite a few years with my 4th graders and last year a student dropped it.  No physical damage, but I cannot get it to read an SD card.  I have put several different SD cards in and when I go to record it says "Check the memory card".  I have tried recording straight to the camera's internal memory and it will not do that either.  I have initialized the internal error and still nothing will record.  The weird thing is that I was still able to take a photo, and it saved to the internal memory...Woman Frustrated  I would love for any advice to get this working again.  Thanks!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hey there,


It sounds like there may be something wrong with the SD card reader in the camera. If you've already tried a second SD card, you would most likely need to send the camera in for service to fix this.

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