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Vixia HF R600 not recording

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I've had my camcorder for a couple months, but I haven't used it very heavily and there are no scratches/dents anywhere. Recently, I have discovered that when I try to record, the time stamp indicator thingy says "00:00" and doesn't go up. I have a Lexar 633X 128 GB memory card. It has been my only card and has recorded perfectly in the past. After the problem emerged I put all my remaining videos on my computer and wiped the memory. The problem persisted even though I had over 16 hours of available recording space. I also wiped any grime off the SD card and the card slot, so I believe it is something wih the camera.


p.s. Once I dropped it from about 2 feet off the ground, it still recorded afterwards, though.Robot Sad


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Have you tried re-formatting the card in the camcorder? If you re-formatted using your computer this would cause problems.

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Hi PuzzledPerson,


Thank you for posting.


Your camcorder is not designed to accept memory cards using the UHS-I, UHS-II or UHS-III standards. Some such cards will have "UHS-I, UHS-II or UHS-III on them. Others will have a "1", "2" or "3" superimposed on a "U". While some of them are backwards-compatible, not all will work.


I recommmed checking with Lexar, for backward compatibility with the Speed Class 10 memory card standard.

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