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Resolved! VIXIA G40 display

Is there a way to remove the small square "Recore standby" icon from the display? I am using the camera for livestream and live closed circuit video and would prefer not to have it or the :"Record" icons showing. Leo

Leog by Contributor
  • 6 replies

GX10 User Experience and Feedback

Hi,Looking at the Vixia GX10. All reviews, articles and you tube vids are 1-2 yrs old.  The camcorder has received 2 FW revisions since its release and I haven't seen any updated reviews since. The few reviews on Canon's website aren't favorable, sig...

Resolved! Audio AGC VIXIA G40

Is there a way to disable the Audio Gain on the G40? I am using an external mic but when there is a pause in the audio the noise floor goes thru the roof.  I have it on manual, line in.

Leog by Contributor
  • 3 replies

Importing Videos to Computer

I have a VIXIA HF R700 and downloaded the software "Transfer Utility LE" to import the videos on my camcorder. I went through each step, but couldn't get it to work. It asks for AVCHD, and I then discovered that my movies are in MP4 format. The only ...

Resolved! XF400 HDMI internal priority vs external only

Hi.  I have been outputting 4k 60 fps to an HDMI recorder.  Now I have an SD card that can record XF-AVC.  When internal priority is set to record XF-AVC, is the output to HDMI identical to the HDMI output when recording "external only?" I ask becaus...

NickMDal by Enthusiast
  • 5 replies

Resolved! Canon HF R80 date-time stamp

I have a Canon Vixia HF R80 and wish to record with the date-time stamp appearing on the recordings when I transfer the files to my computer.  Is this possible?  I have read the manual and it is very confusing.

Zoom noise in videos with Vixia HF R800

I have the Vixia HF R800. I use the Takstar SGC-598 external mic with it regularly. Is there any way that I can quieten the zoom noise I get in my videos when using this camera to record? I normally use the zoom in variable mode so I can zoom quickly...

Cannon HF R800 Screen has gone white/gray

The screen on my Canon VIXIA HF R800 camcorder went white/gray and nothing I do can fix it. Before it went blank it said it could not communicate with the battery. The battery was fully charged. I have also tried a different battery and turned it on ...

How Can I Shut Red Recording Light Off?

Just purchased a Vixia HF G21 camera and so far love it. Use it primarily to record concerts and musical performance. Have a question for this group since I cannot find in the manual. Is it possible to shut off the red blinking recording light? It's ...

Resolved! Can HF-G30 be connected to android devices via USB?

I have been trying to connect my Vixia HF-G30 to my Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Tab E tablet via the usb port of those devices, and when the camera connects, I get and error message on both saying that the camera usb connection is corrupt. I've tried Canon'...

shagamus by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Gimbal for XA-20

Hi - does anyone know of any gimbals that would take a Canon XA-20? Have tried a weight stabalizer, but can't get on with it. Wondered if any gimbals would work - loads for DSLRs, but can't find one for a Camcorder

Need microphone advice

Hello folks,I use a Canon XA30 to record lectures. I currently have a wireless Shure lav mic that I use, plus a boom mic on top of the camera. When filming a lecture, I cut the mic level down on the boom mic until the Q&A session. Sometimes I need a ...

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