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NOS MIJ Canon BP-827 won't charge, any way to revive? Canon currently producing this line?

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Hello, Is there any way to revive or jump start a lithium battery that sat for years in the package? Got a pretty good deal on a sealed new old stock BP-827 battery on Ebay. Original Canon made in Japan. In my HF S10 at first it seemed to be taking a charge then when I went back I believe the light was off but battery would not start camera. Removed, tried again. 7 blinks x2, pause, then rapid blinking which I gather means faulty battery or charger. Tried in Canon external charger, no go. Fortunately the seller takes returns, just checking before I [sadly] send it back.

thank you


PS: related, how/where does Canon manufacture and sell new BP-819 [next size down] batteries, are they still producing them? I ask because I see a BP-819 on Ebay for less than $25 shipped out of China, listed as "new", in familiar Canon packaging. "If it seems too good to be true..."



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Product Expert

Hi tgz,

Thanks for checking in with us!


Your Canon VIXIA HF S10 can accept the Canon BP-807, BP-808, BP-819, and BP-827. You can try using either an external charger, or you can charge the battery by attaching it to the camera and then using the AC adapter that came with the camera.


You shouldn't need to do any kind of jump start to make the battery charge, but it might help to charge the battery for a couple of hours. You may also wish to try doing tests with a different outlet in a different room, just in case the outlet is not providing consistent power.


We can't guarantee the quality of batteries that we don't make. When looking for batteries, I suggest that you purchase authentic Canon batteries from one of our authorized dealers.


You can see a list of our authorized dealers by visiting the link below:

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My HF S10 cameras and canon charger have been charging Canon batteries for years, no problem here on my end. Like I said I purchased a made in Japan new old stock genuine Canon battery on Ebay and it appears to have sat too long, showing zero voltage. I assume Canon no longer has their batteries made in Japan, yes? That would mean the battery is at least as old as whenever you stopped doing that.


I had "jump started" 18650 lithium batteries when they are too low to be seen by a smart charger, that's what I was asking, can you do it with these. I went ahead and tried using a fully charged Canon battery showing 8.34 volts. I went + to +, - to -, don't know what the "D" and "T" mean. Left them connected for almost a half hour with no change, usually you're only supposed to connect briefly, just enough to get the battery voltage above where the smart system will see it.


I guess it's dead then, yes? Unless anyone knows any other revival tricks. thanks