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How do you find out what wifi network you are connected to on the printer?
I just ordered a SM V1 microphone for my Vixia HF G40 and nothing is happening with the camera microphone.
Is the WL-D89 remote control compatible with the Vixia HF G50? I like the reviews of this camera but the remote control is something I also like about my Vixia HF G40 camera.
I was curious does the WL-D89 remote work with the Canon Vixia HF G21 because I know it doesn't with the XA 11 and 15?
While there are Canon's with direct SDI out connection, how does an HDMI to SDI converter work with the Vixia HF G40 in the same way you would with an XA25 or XA35 for broadcasting events?
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