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I purchased ink from Canon for my Pro-100. The ink came bundled with Canon “Photo Paper Glossy” (GP-601). Where can I find the profile for this paper?
I will receive a package of new Canon “Pro Premium Matte paper” to use with my Pro-100 on Friday. I see that “Print Studio Pro” has a profile for this paper; however, in Lightroom a profile does not exist. Where would I find this profile?
How do I print a photo with equal margins? I am using Mac OS X 10.8.5, Lightroom 4.4, and Canon Print Studio Pro 1.3.0. For both of these programs, when I adjust the slider for one side the margin for the other side will also change. This happens wit...
Are canon pixma mx452 and PIXMA MX459 the same?
I have a Pixma Pro-100. Under what circumstances would I print in “grayscale”?
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