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Pixma Pro-1 Leaving On or Off?

Today I picked up the Pro-1 printer and have it up and running and I am just thrilled with the out of the box - Quality of Printes - They are just stunning!   So here's my question  - I will print sever times weekly on this printer but certainly not daily.    What is best practice on tihs printer?   Leave it on all the time or turn it off between uses?    Does one approach over the other cause you to burn through more ink faster?

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Re: Pixma Pro-1 Leaving On or Off?

Hi SkeeterHarris,


The decision on whether or not to leave the printer off or on is completely up to you.  I will recommend only turning off the power on the printer if you decide to do this and not disconnecting from the power outlet.  The reason is because the printer will still have a little power and keep the timers running.  What these timers do is keep track of cleanings that need to be run to ensure that the printer prints correctly.  Whether you leave it off or on will not matter as these timers will always run and keep the printer printing at optimal quality.  You will use the same amount of ink regardless of keeping it off or on.


I hope this answers your question.

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Re: Pixma Pro-1 Leaving On or Off?

Hi Devin,


Thanks for taking the time to provide the detailed answer.  What I have found is the printer auto powers down after about 2 hours but I am not unplugging it.   It is good to know about these built in timers with the printer even if the printer has been left off for several days what they do.   I have read so many bad reviews about this printer just going thru Ink like no tomorrow, although my exerience is anything but that which is what prompted me to ask the question. 



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Re: Pixma Pro-1 Leaving On or Off?


I have heard on other web sites that leaving the printer on all the time causes the ink to dry up quicker. This is because of heat that builds up in the printer. Are you saying this does not happen?

I used to leave all my computer and printers on all the time but I only print after I get some work built up. Now I am turning the printers off until I need them. I use three printers on my system.

It seems the ink is lasting better but this is difficult to say because no prints are exactly the same and makes ink usage different.

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Re: Pixma Pro-1 Leaving On or Off?

Ok I contacted Canon on this matter and this is what they said about leaving on the Pro-1 printer


Thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately, the PRO-1 does not have a sleep mode.  However, once the unit has not been used for an extended period of time the unit will go into a lower powered idle state.
You can leave your PIXMA PRO-1 on at all times, it will not harm the unit.
There are power options for your PIXMA PRO-1.  They can be changed in the Canon IJ Printer Utility. 

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Re: Pixma Pro-1 Leaving On or Off?

If the Pro-1 is like the Pro-9000 and PIXMA Pro-100 the printer driver has an Auto Off feature that you can set to automatically turn on when you start printing and it will turn off after a preset time that you can select. With that feature enabled I never have to press the power button unless the house looses power.



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Re: Pixma Pro-1 Leaving On or Off?

If the printer (Pro-100) is used wirelessly, the auto-on and off does not function.

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