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PIXMA TR4500 Series leaving a line across top of printed photo



I am hoping someone can help me.  I have a CannonTR4500 series HTTP which I love. Today when printing a photo it left a line across the top of the photo. Let me say before that this happens when only printing a full 8X10 photo and not a smaller one like a 5X7.  I thought it might be my graphic software I was using, so I tried a different one I have, and the printer did the same thing. I then read on the net that it was the printer cartilage causing it. They said get a new one and put it in. This one is not the old, so I took alcohol on a q-tip to cleaned it off. I printed another photo and the line was still there, but not as bad. I do not use this printer that often either.  Can it be Windows 10 64? Thank you for any help. It is greatly appreciated

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