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Pixma pro-100 Black and white mode



I´m Enzo and have a pixma pro-100 printer.


I use it almost for B/W photos.


And i´ve seen the printer uses colour inks for printing black and white.


I only want to use Black and gray inks but i don´t know where to select this option.


I´ve checked the B/W option but still uses colour inks.


Hope you can help me


Thanks uin advance!



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Re: Pixma pro-100 Black and white mode

The Pro-100 uses color ink when printing B&W prints. I have not found a way round this. The Pro-10 and Pro-1 do not use their color ink to print B&W prints.

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Re: Pixma pro-100 Black and white mode

I read on line that the reason the Pro-100 uses color when printing B&W is that the black dye inks are not pure black; they have a purplish tint. So color must be added to counteract the tint.


The pigment ink printers - Pro-10 and Pro-1 - are pure black.


I get great B&W prints from the Pro-100.

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Re: Pixma pro-100 Black and white mode

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The Pro-100 has three B&W ink cartridges.  If you expected these three tanks to be able to print all the possibile shades of gray, you are certainly living in a dream world.  The only thing a cartridge can do is put more or less ink on paper.  It can space the dots farther apart to a point but ragged lines soon appear.

So what is the answer?  You use the color tnaks to fill in where the B&W can't.  I am not aware of a means of turning off the color cartridges in any of the mentioned printers.  Whether it be the Pro-9500 II, Pro-100, Pro-10 or the Pro-1, some color will be used in each of these.

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